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USGS quad says "BM", but no datasheet?

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There are lots of survey marks on the land, only a fraction of which are in the NGS database. Could it be one placed by a state or local agency? Having said that, I would have thought that given the limited number of BM designations on topo maps, that they would likely be ones in the NGS database. But maybe not.

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I've often wondered about that too.

Is there a database somewhere of the BM's that show up on the topo maps? They must be cataloged somewhere?! Some of the maps around here have a number next to the triangle and the "BM" label...don't know if that's altitude or some kind of a reference number.

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on military maps, benchmarks are indicated by the - BM - symbol. Non-monumented benchmarks are indicated with just the - BM - ,while monumented benchmarks have an - X - with the - BM -. The number following the BMx is the elevation in meters. So for example...


A monumented benchmard 1234 meters asl would be:




and a non-monumented benchmark 963 meters asl would be:


BM 963


hope it helps.


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