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Is Wherigo Down for good?

The Waldo's

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Is Wherigo Down cannot find any mention of it on the Geocaching home page anymore.


I know this is not Wherigo but its still Groundspeak and since I cannot login there I am asking the question here Thanks.


Is Wherigo down? I try to login and all I get is this message.

(Column 'Locale' does not belong to table Table.) Been trying for a few daysNow.

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It was working for me, the other day.

Now I get the same as you when trying to log in.


I did have a problem trying to search for Wherigo's on the site. ie It wouldn't let me search!



For Wherigo specific inquiries, contact contact@Wherigo.com


from the log in page




If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, please write to contact@Groundspeak.com.

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It seems to be up this morning, and search is working too.


I wonder if it was down for a bit while they made a fix to the broken search function?


OOPS - it works, if you're NOT LOGGED in! so when I needed to login, like you I got the


Column 'Locale' does not belong to table Table.


which is pretty special.... :D


you can just go to Wherigo.com


and the search by state function, which has been broken for a while, now works.... but you can't log in, so you can't download a cart!

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and the search by state function, which has been broken for a while, now works....

When I read this comment, I thought that it was odd, because I've never had problems with the state search function, and I use it fairly often. I've been looking for a Wherigo cache in my state that is a bit closer to me/where I travel. So out of curiousity, I thought I'd check one more time by state, and found that one was published last year, and it has never shown up on state searches for me, even though I've searched multiple times since it was published. I don't know if that's what you meant by the function being broken, but it is weird. And frustrating for me. I know that I could have done a PQ to find a Wherigo, but I never bothered since I figured I could find it through the Wherigo site. I'm frustrated now, I drove right by this Wherigo less than two weeks ago, and I don't know when I'll be in that area again. :D

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It is up but you can't login.

what you mean "you can't log in"? :D i just did

I just logged in. Don't see any problems from here.




That is because the problem has been resolved. Earlier the site was up but when you logged in you got an error message as reported in the Wherigo forum.

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