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Hey Guys,


I'm trying to think of a new Geocache and I want to do something that cachers will remember. Do you guys have any ideas as to what kind of creative caches I could make? We are talking about challenging/fun/crazy caches. Give us your ideas!


-GeoShif :o

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For me, the best way to make a cache memorable is creative hiding. Two of my favorites around are micro caches requiring looking for what is out of place - a capped hollow fence post and an illogically place traffic reflector. Another I have heard lots of positive comments regarding is having the hide taking an increditable scenic view.

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While I do not have many caches put out to finds I have found I have a Motto That works well. I try to think out side the box for hides what was what you rembered about the finds you found....You need to bring the cacher to some place nice for the view or some place that will make them laugh...Having a good time while finding a cache is the best answer. Most of my caches have a theme ....Willard could be a RAT....King of the throne was a Toliet Seat...Darth Vator was a mask that was darth...Not much harder to do ...I have some hard ones too, but I let them know with the rating system..Hope this helps you do not want to do what everyone else does just keep it fun....

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I am working on a cache puzzle which entails having to answer historical or interesting questions of the area where I live. Putting the answers on a scrabble board but the position of the answers are not given (only the check sum is given) and then using the resulting numbers of each answer on the board to produce the coordinates. The "Hide" will be an historical place close to where I live. This results in a D=5 and T=2-3. I solved a similar puzzle to this but the owners used a Sudoku game and the position of the answers were fixed. On a scrabble board you have to get the position of the answers correct to get the checksum.

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We have a few caches which we are proud of, and have had very good comments.


One is a reflector with a log attached to the back.


Another, and our favourite is The "crown" of Rough Island GC1ZBNY which is a beer bottle top (corona) stuck to the screw top of a urine sample tube (washed out, or unused, of course) this is then pressed into the ground so that it just looks like a bottle top in the grass. (its not buried, also not requiring a pointy object to either hide or retrieve, so guidelines are maintained)

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My next cache is going to be called "I don't give a ..." and it will be a rubber rat with the log book stuck up it's, well you know. It should give the finder a good jump, plus I couldn't resist the play on words. Now I just have to find a rubber rat...

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We have one on our "To Find" list the next time we go on a road trip. It's a 35mm film canister, but placed in a big tub with HUNDREDS of other film canisters and you have to find THE ONE with the log book. Just sounds like fun![


We had one like that here (GCVPV6). It was a pile of smallish rocks that made up a drainage area. My two kids and I looked everywhere and then gave up. About an hour later, we ran into some other cachers and even 8 of us couldn't find it. We went back and found it about a week later, it had been moved from where it was supposed to have been - but it was a challenging and well earned smiliey! That was one of the more memorable ones I've found!


I'm also working on a very challenging puzzle cache. It was hidden 3 years ago and still has not been found. You can understand why when you check it out! This one will be VERY memorable! (GC11AYQ).

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I live in Finland and here winter is quite cold. Usually we have a lot of snow. A very important attribute to tag is "available in winter" when going caching in those months.


In my area there are a lot of very hungry FTF-hunters. My next cache will be named "FTF teaser" I will hide a micro somewhere during summer in and then I will publish it in winter, of course with the attribute "NOT available in winter". I will wait until there is a good meter of snow


Then in the cache description I will write something like this:


"ok FTF hunters. You have two choice. Either you wait for spring, but then the FTF will be long gone, or else go for it now. Don't forget a good shovel and prepare to sweat like hell!" :ph34r:




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I been thinking of a co0l one for the past few months it would be a life size dummy wearing blue jean,shirt,gloves,sun glass's,hat,shoes,stake to a tree,or have it standing up with a back pack on his back with the geocache it the pack.I would have to make it to where it would withstand high winds,and the weather and all ,any other ideal about this???? :unsure:

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I like the idea of starting out with a bunch of similar items and giving a prize to whoever takes the last theme item. I created a cache called Alien Invasion and it was filled with big headed aliens (about 20), we then asked visitors to the cache to help stop the invasion, when I got a log message that the cache no longer had aliens I sent that user a geocoin.

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I used to do lots of navigational car rallies, where you are given a set of instructions and distances and have to drive around the countryside taking the proper routes and speeds listed to arrive at certain checkpoints along the route.


I have been trying to think of ways to tie this in with geocaching, or having to use your gpsr in the instructions. If anyone has any flashes of brilliance, I would be happy to hear them. lol




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My next cache is going to be called "I don't give a ..." and it will be a rubber rat with the log book stuck up it's, well you know. It should give the finder a good jump, plus I couldn't resist the play on words. Now I just have to find a rubber rat...

I placed 3 rubber rats in my area, and most get a nice little startle of them.

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I found one in a rose garden that was extremely clever. We were nearly ready to DNF it when one of us realized that the roses were on a drip system. However, there was a single sprinkler head. Upon inspection, we found the sprinkler was a decoy with the cache hanging from the bottom of it in a 2" pipe sunk into the ground.


On another occasion, in AZ, we found an old rusty can laying in the desert but after a quick look, determined it empty and moved on. Later, a 2nd look revealed a false bottom with the log hidden under it. We liked this one because we so easily disregarded it as the cache.

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We like creative ones and hate micros placed in the forest especially spruce trees known as a MIST(micro in spruce tree) in central alberta.


We recently threw a rope over a tree branch and pulled an ammo box up into the tree. It amazed us how hard this one has been to find. No one ever looks up. Everyone has found it by happening upon the rope tied to a nearby tree. We even called it Chicken Little to help the searchers.


A few other ideas are:

1. Fake rubber spider with nano glued into it placed in a hole in a tree. Tie the spider to the tree with a string in case it falls out of its hole.

2. Large Xmas ornament with nano placed inside. Hang in a spruce tree.

3. Hollow pipe or PVC with drain hole in bottom. Place nano inside. Pour water into pvc pipe to float nano to top of pipe. Drain hole in bottom of pipe keeps pipe from filling with rain. This one is in BC and a couple of places in central alberta.

4. Love the fake birdhouses out there. Can place them in plain sight and muggles stay away. Make sure you seal the hole with a black piece of wood. We don't want birds to be actually in it.

5. Fake bird nests with nano eggs are also fun.


Some good advice told to me early on was to remember that the cache is not for you but those finding it. If you make the people hike miles into the woods then hide a nano so that the majority of them go home empty handed than you really have crushed all of the fun out of the game.

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If you have a large untapped area here is an idea.. GC2E3VT cache It is a multi where each stage has three sets of coordinates inside. All three will get you to another stage, but some are a bit more out of the way than others. Eventually the cacher comes to a stage with only one set of coordinates which of course is the final. The total distance depends on luck and intuition. I guess it would work in a suburban setting, but this one is all in the woods.

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A cache idea that we really enjoyed finding and then, eventually, placing was a pict-o-cache. The one under this link has all the instructions on what you have to do to find it. It can be as big or as small as you want. This particular one took up a fish hatchery. Other humorous ideas that I have seen are a cache behind a fake fire alarm, a fake toilet, fake dog poop, a golf ball (with a hole in it), a bird house, a hollowed out log, or a woodpecker hole in a tree with a micro cache with bark on the lid inside the hole. The possibilities are basically limited to your creativity, the amount of time you are wanting to spend making it, and the space you are placing it.

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I am very lucky to have plenty of creative caches in my backyard (town).


A rubber spider whose cache name is "Salutations" (from Charlotte's Web). The spider is in a hole in a guard rail (on a back rarely used road, on the far side of the guard rail so no need to get to close to the road). It doesn't feel like plastic or anything fake so when I stuck my hand in there without a glove (which normally I don't do but forgot them in the car) I jumped and jerked my hand out only to realize it was not a creature but a cache.


Another similar one is "Demon Eyes" which is a plastic rat with red eyes hidden in a hole so you can only see the eyes peeking out. They put the log in his stomach.


The most recent one I found was called "Broken Limb" in which the micro was in a carved out end of a broken limb and then a cap of the same wood on top to hide it, then left in a pile of other broken limbs.


Lastly there is one I haven't yet found called "butterfly quest" and the hint is that butterflies don't rest on the ground (in fact they hang from leaves and twigs) and there is a note that the container can not be removed that it should just be unscrewed to remove the log. I'm thinking its a micro attached to a twig just like a butterfly.


Caches that look different than the usual micros (pill bottles, 35 mm canisters, etc.) and ammo cans always get my attention.

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