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Anyway to validate activation code without activating coin?


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I don't think so.... but next time you're going to activate a coin try canceling out after the activation code was accepted and see what happens. You can always go through the activation process again to fill in the date and origin data fields.

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well, if you did not get the activation code from the producer of the geocoin (through a 2nd or 3rd re-sale), you might try to retrieve the activation code from the original producer to verify that the numbers match. if you don't know who produced a geocoin, you can mention the name of the coin here, or you can try posting a picture of it (with no tracking numbers showing), or you can describe it, in hopes that someone here will recognize it and send you to the right website where the activation code can be retrieved. if this doesn't produce the results you seek, then you can try contacting Groundspeak.com directly, explain the situation to them, and hopefully they can send you the appropriate activation code. keep in mind that for Groundspeak to hunt through literally "millions" of tracking codes to find the one you now own, is a rather time consuming process, and could take a while. i hope this helps. good luck! :anicute:

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