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Geofamily heading north through BC to Nwt to yellowknife and back home to Alberta on the Dec Cho Connector route, Any interesting caches we should hit? I am current trying to get the "cache a route" to work :) but unsuccessfully , even so there are many caches I assume, what are some good ones? we are a hiking/backpacking family so a little hiking is okay and we are also into CITO and in it for the travel and views, new things and history and the hunt for the geo kid :) Our geokid also has a mission to get a fellow geokid's TB he just found in a cache to Yellowknife as requested. Plus we like to get out often and walk the dogs on our long 1500+km trip.


Thanks in advance


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Why don't you do a search for some of the main places you would go through, Dawson Creek, Fort St John, Fort Nelson and then look for some favourites. Bring up the map and look at all the caches that are along the Alaska highway. I know there are some in the pullouts along the highway. I have one at a pullout just past Charlie Lake going up to Fort Nelson. About Mile 58 on the highway. Bug on a Fence. I know there are more. I plan on driving up the highway a bit to drop off some travel bugs that I need to go to Alaska. Good luck! Have fun!

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