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Black Hills Geocoins

Jedi Cacher

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This is my first attempt at a coin design. I just got the prototypes in the other day. Thought I would get some feedback from the coin world on my prototypes. Just wanted to make something that promotes the awesome caching in our area and to sell at our summer event, Geobash III. I am wanting to go with just one design, so choosing just one has been quite the task. :)







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The top 2 pics (I guess is a front and back) looks best imho. I doubt I can attend, but would sure like to get one of those if you get extra minted!


If you are truly interested I can get extra coins made. They have not gone to mint yet, but I will let you know when they arrive. I can then send you out a paypal invoice and mail out your coin.

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I like these alot would love to have one also if you get any extra minted. I am unable to attend your GEOBASH III.


Like I told Team Korfus, I have decided to have some extra coins made if anybody is interested. When I get them back from mint I will post the prices and shipping charges. My original order was for 100 coins, but I am thinking about going with 150 coins.

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Make sure you don't post tracking numbers in your photos, please. Use paint, or photoshop to remove them. Or black tape. YOu should edit those photos, as those coins have not been activated yet.


Sorry about that! They are just protos and I don't even think I will activate those 2 coins as they will most likely remain in my private collection. I will see what I can do about fixing the images.

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so...are you trying to decide on just one finish from those samples? That would be tough indeed. I like the first one for the front, but the silver/white one for the back. Overall, I guess the first one is best. Maybe I'd like the back betted in that metal if there was black fill on the back, with colors in the spots you have them.




On this back, switch the black halves of the compass points to white(leave the G black) and fill all the empty parts with black, then make the coin in this version with the front above. Would be GREAT. Just my ideas,



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