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Olympic Peninsula Road Trip Ideas?

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Do you like to take road-trips? Do you like to explore the state of Washington? Have you done the DeLorme and the Counties challenges? Do you plan 3-day weekends around road trips to collect more caches for more challenges?


In other words, are you semi-lame like TeamIDFC? If so, we need your help!


We see that the Memorial Day weekend is coming up and we need to road-trip. We are currently plugging (slowly) on the History, Lookout, Fizzy, and Webcam Challenges. That means there are caches all over the state we need to pick up. But, plenty of parts of the state are under snow at the end of May, so much of the eastern side of the state is out.


Which brings us to this topic: The Olympic peninsula over Memorial Day.


We need to get the 2 History caches over there: Ewok and Green Mountain. Ewok should be fine, and I’ve already called DNR and the road to the top will be open that weekend (even though it is the weekend before the “normal” June 1st opening.)


We also need to get the webcam in Port Townsend. And Cache Landing at Tullis Canyon.


After that, we are in the market for some Lookout caches that are available (aka, not under 5 feet of snow at the end of May), and any other caches we should seek and find…


So, fellow cachers of the state – any thoughts on what we can get that weekend? Any we shouldn’t miss? Any other sites we might have blasted by on prior trips? We are particularly interested in any of the Lookout caches that will be accessible…


Thanks in advance,


Mr & Mrs IDFC (yes, MrIDFC finally ponied up and made an honest woman of MsIDFC)

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In addition to the many great caches on the North end of the peninsula, here are a few of my favorites from a trip I did over there last year..


Sitka Surprise


Rocky Brook Falls


Murhut Falls Trail


and while at the falls, make sure to log


Murhut Falls earthcache


(can you tell I like waterfalls?)


and a trip to the Southern end of the peninsula would NOT be complete without at least attempting two of the most infamous, and challenging caches that I know of


Ring of Fire




Waiting for Ironman

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Hey thanks for starting this thread. I appreciate all the information so far. :laughing:


We are staying in Port Townsend July 6th and 7th then are headed to Port Angeles for July 8th and 9th. It is my first trip to the Olympic Peninsula and I am really looking forward to the sights.


Now I just hope I can convince the other 2 of my trio to geocache with me everyday... :anicute:

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Just wanted to thank everyone once again for their input. We did our trip, but our route was pretty constrained by the History and Fizzy combinations we need to grab on the way. That being said, a few caches of note:


Green Mountain Cache (GC27B): One of the oldest caches in the state (part of the History Challenge) and a great hike/view.

We All Live in a ? (GC1PFMM): I wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t seen it… :)

Ewok Forest (GC6BC): A nice, easy walk for another History cache. Cool park…

Cache Landing at Tullis Canyon (GCGMYK): A nice 4 hour hike to a way cool wreckage. Almost got aced out by the snow, but we found it…

Hole In The Wall (GC15VJ5): Yes, it is in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it is a vertical scramble with all four hands and feet. But pretty cool…

Sitka Surprise (GC7C31): That is a huge tree!

Trollville (GCGTAA): Wow. What would inspire that?


… not to mention some really cool lookout sites we made it to as well…

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