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Broken disc found, not in the database here...

Mr. Snazz
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I was on Pistol Butte (Oregon) on Monday. I logged the benchmark at the old site of the lookout tower (PB0759).


While visiting the Pistol Pete geocache, I found anouther benchmark. This one is broken in half, and doesn't appear in the database here...


Image of broken benchmark


Is there anything in particular that I ought to do with this information? icon_biggrin.gif I'll have to go back to get exact co-ordinates, since for some reason my GPS didn't store the waypoints that I set. Its about 280 feet east from PB0759.



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I took your image and did some enhancement on it until I could make out the station name. It looks like Pistol. That makes sense because you found it on Pistol Butte. I searched the NGS Database by station name and found 2 entries, neither of which seem appropriate to what you found.


It also appears that the mark is inscribed with "...engineers US Army" along the top. Maybe this in a US Armny Corps of Engineers marker and not listed in NGS database.


I'm not lost!

I just don't know where I am.

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I'd agree with Couch Potato that it's a US Army Corps of Engineers benchmark, and that's exactly why it's not in the database - it's not an NGS cap.


There are many different agencies that have survey monuments that you may come across. The NGS and the USACE are only a few. Along with any local surveyor's monuments and local government & State government agency caps you may find when you are out and about, the USGS, the USC&GS (US Coast & Geodetic Survey), the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), even the FAA has survey benchmarks that you may physically find, but not find in the NGS database on the Geocaching website. I was on top of Mount Whitney a few years ago and saw at 7 or 8 brass caps. Each from a different agency and with a different elevation! (If I remember right, one of them was even tagged by the National Geographic Society!)


As far as what to do about the broken cap: I wouldn't worry too much about it. The corps usually keeps a pretty good eye on their things. Of course, that could mean that that particular cap gets visited every ten years or so too. If you are so inclined you could contact the corps and tell them about it. If it's important to them, they'll get out and fix it. You could probably find out how to contact them through their website www.usace.army.mil/. In Bend you are probably in the Portland District, Northwestern Division, US Army Corps of Engineers.


Good luck.


Keep on Caching!

- Kewaneh

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