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Adoption Fundraiser Sale

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My cousin and her husband have decided to adopt a child. This is their only chance for children of their own - however, the process is very expensive.


They are trying to raise close to $16,000.00.


To help them, I will be listing some auctions to raise money for them.


The first auction is up and available.


Caching Dove Geocoin w/ Matching Pathtag


I'll list other auctions in this thread as I open them. 100% of the proceeds from any auctions I list in this thread are going to help my cousin and her family with the adoption process fees.

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You should add a donate button to your auctions if you can. It is so wonderful of you to do this for your cousin. Most people have no idea how hard infertility is. I wish even one of my family members had stepped forward and tried to help when we were trying to raise the money for IVF. It would have made me feel like they actually cared. Most just advised us to give up and think of everything we could do with the money we would save. Adoption for us wasn't an option. If it was I would have jumped at it in a second. IVF is like going to vegas and handing some one a big wad of money for a chance to win a future. They give you odds and you hope to beat them. My son cost us over $50,000 in fertility treatments. Worth every penny, but it would have been nice to have had most of those pennies to spend on him. Not to mention all the years of trying and what that does to your soul, while others are building their families all around you.


I hope you raise every penny you need. I don't have money to donate, but I'd be happy to donate a 10 years coin. (Rhinelander) Just PM me and let me know where you want it sent or if you or your cousin are going to be in the Houston area maybe I can give it to you myself.

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I don't think that it's within eBay's rules to add a donate button directly to the auction, but certainly if anyone wants to donate, they can contact me directly!


I'd love yo have your coin for a second auction. Thanks! PM sent.

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