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Is this the Benchmark?

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Sorry, that marker is not the right one. The marker has to be the one placed in 1965 in a 12"x12" square post flush with the ground, and it has to have GARLAND NE BASE RM 4 stamped on it.


There are lots of different kinds of markers because there are different companies making them, so that's not the problem.


What you found is possibly a replacement marker. Since it isn't in the NGS database, it might not be up to their measurement precision standards as a marker.


You should change your report from "found it" to "not found", but keep your text and pictures there.

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Just wanted to add a little note---RM stands for reference monument. Reference monuments usually have an arrow stamped on them a number showing the distance and sometimes bearing to the actual monument. The monument you found appears very new and might just replace the one you are looking for, or it might be the actual monument that was originally "referenced". When in doubt go to the county courthouse and ask the county surveyor--they usually set/replace the new benchmarks in the city.

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