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Geocaching 101

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If you look at their other logs you will see that they have actually been caching in the company of sy-chispa - so that maybe the reason for the brief log it may even be the person mentioned in the intro.


Fair point - I should have checked their other logs. But at least it set me thinking about what could be done to help new cachers get up to speed.

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Another 101 suggestion:


When you add photos to your log, mention it in the log.


I find I read the emails of the log and don't often go back to the listing on web. As a result I often miss out on photos that have been posted on my caches. :( It would be nice to have a note in the log, so that I am alerted to the fact that I must go to the listing to check out the photos.


I try to make it standard practice to mention that photos were uploaded in my logs.

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