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Lost Item - Can Geocachers Help?

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Greetings one and all. I'll admit that this might not exactly be on-topic (for which I apologize in advance). It's certainly an unusual situation, and I hope that geocachers might be able to help us with. After all, geocachers are good at finding hidden stuff with only GPS coordinates to go by.


This is specifically aimed toward geocachers on or near Long Island Sound (but the rest of you might find this interesting anyway).


Rather than take up space, let me just point you to my original post:




In short, we lost our weather balloon in Long Island Sound just off the coast of Connecticut. It may have washed up on shore anywhere in the sound, so any help that geocachers could provide would be greatly appreciated. The above post has links to descriptions and photos.


We thank you, and our poor, lost payload thanks you.

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