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PQ's no longer selected to run

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This happened to both me and my wife.


We each have several pq's that run weekly, on different days of the week. Almost all of them were unslected this morning, and of course we didn't get our pq's.


These are all 500 pq's that have been running for quite a while.


Is gs unselecting pq's again without notifying?

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I wonder if some bits got flipped somewhere. I ask for mine to be unselected after it runs, but they remain selected. Opposite problem of yours.

I would consider that a possibility, but I just looked at the page 2 days ago and I'm about 99% sure everything was still selected, so these aren't unselecting as they are being run, and some that ran yesterday were still selected, some were not.


There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason and what was unselected and still selected doesn't seem consistent in any way that I can see.

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I was missing a few in my Inbox the other day...checked the web page and saw that HALF of mine (I have over 30 scheduled to run) had been un-checked!! :)


Took a few minutes to go through and figure out what day(s) they should all have selected...hope they don't un-check themselves again.


Once again...great job Groundspeak! I wish I could get paid for making as many mistakes at my job.

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I also had 1 out of 4 run today and the three that didn't were also unchecked. I only run a total of 10 pq's weekly. 4 on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday, and 2 on Friday. All the others are still checked for their run dates.

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Ran my "regular" 5 PQs yesterday - scheduled manually, and they were supposed to be unchecked after running. After they finished, 2 remain checked.


It's much less of a problem than what others encounter here, of course. Just offering the info in case it helps with troubleshooting.

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OMG ALL of my PQs have been unchecked!!1!!! None of them ran today!!1!!!one!!!! :):D





Oh wait. I only run them on demand when I need them. Never mind. :D


Maybe Groundspeak can solve the problem by eliminating PQ scheduling. :)



*** Yes, I'm trolling. Feel free to ignore me. :blink:

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