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Ohio geocaching:The dark side

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Thank you acknowledging my feelings everyone. I've known the guy for 17 years, I've tried to sell him on caching for 3. If this was one person doing something out of character one time, I would've ignored it, like I have done many times since I started caching. This event was the proverbial straw on the camels back. Things like this and worse have been going on with this person for over a year. I realize that some of you would never make a snap decision in the heat of the moment. I also realize that caching is right above washing the driveway on some of your list of important things in life. Myself and countless others have tried to ignore it, but it affects so many in so many ways. If I thought I wouldn't catch flak from GS, I would've started a post with the persons cache name in it, asking cachers to post stories about how their caching experience was negatively affected by this one person. It would be quite a read. However, it seems that most cachers I've talked to about the forums, never realized there was a midwest section for Ohio. I came here thinking that someone out there has or has had similar problems with a similar animal, and might have worthwhile input or advice. Trying to change my mind, is simply wasting bandwidth.


I wish that I had some good advice for you. I must admit that honestly at first glance I would say what others were saying that you should just let it go, and don't pet the sweaty things, and you can't control others, blah blah. In some cases, yes, that is true. And I've always been one to just allow others to play the game the way they want to because "we all get out of it what we put in."


HOWEVER, I always think that a line needs to be drawn when someone is actually harming other people, and preventing them from getting the most out of the game.


I don't know the whole situation, and I don't know the other person's side of the story... but hopefully these suggestions will help.


1)Since you both live in the same area is there any way that perhaps you could meet with this person and have coffee and discuss the matter? Maybe getting to know the guy in person would help smooth things over. You might both be able to get your feelings out, discuss things face to face rather than over the internet.


2) If he really isn't a nice person, collect reports from all others who have been negatively affected by him with signatures or at least caching usernames to give to Groundspeak to present all the evidence in an organized manner, and don't use the cache page to hash it out. Then Groundspeak can make an informed decision rather than going on hearsay.


And then if all that doesn't work... you may have to let it go at that point. But don't let this negative experience ruin caching for you, or for your friend. It might be difficult, but you can ignore the person if you want to... I can tell that you feel passionately about the sport, and that you might think that folks on the forum do not care. It's not true, I think that like me, they don't really know the entire situation, and can't really just side with you automatically.


I don't doubt your story, but I'm not involved, so I can't effectively solve anything... I've also never experienced any nasty FTF hounds. The FTF hounds in my area are really nice people and excellent cachers who I have no problem with, in fact, they just came to my husband's birthday party; so I can't really give you any good advice because I've not had to deal with a similar problem.


Anyway, I'm rambling... but in conclusion, don't let this ruin geocaching for you, try contacting Groundspeak off the forums and off the cache page and see what advice they have to offer. Maybe re-read the "snotty" email. It might not be as snotty as you think, I have a strong feeling that Groundspeak wouldn't send an impolite email on purpose; it may just be your perception.


Best of luck with all of this!!

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I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of people asking opinions/advice on the forums and then getting angry and hostile with the responses they get. Not only that, but it seems that the advice is pretty much the same across the board. I'm sorry you didn't get the response you wanted. It's inappropriate for you to call us into question though, because we gave you our opinions, especially when you asked for them.


As far as the OP goes, I'm indifferent based on your story. You say it's only fact, but it's ripe with opinion and very strangely lacking the other side of the story. Can I sympathize? Yes. I care about the sport. I also realize that there's nothing that can be done in these situations if you can't handle the situation person to person.


Get over it.

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