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bumblingbs - RIP Karen


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I just found out that Karen passed away last Friday. She was so creative and pulled herself out of her shyness to put on some wonderful events. The last time we cached together was our epic 13 hour attempt at Mt. Jupiter in February, 2005. What a trip! She started loosing her battle with alcohol around that time and it finally claimed her, leaving a husband and young son behind. Karen, I miss you. I know how badly you wanted to reach the top of Mt. Jupiter. Hope you make it there now.

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Such a shame...she struggled with that demon for so long. I hope she is at peace now.


Her Sweet Sixteen series was pure genius -- I spent a couple of long weekends camping in the area to seek them all out. Her creativity and sense of humor with her caches was amazing.


I also remember fondly another weekend when I spent the weekend in Port Townsend. Karen and I placed a geocache in honor of Shunra's 500th find -- quite an accomplishment at that time years ago. Five of us piled into the cab of my pickup -- Shunra, Karen, myself and Shunra's daughter (plus Scooter the Wonder Dog) to go search out Shunra's surprise cache, and then went back into town to celebrate with a leisurely and delicious lunch at an outdoor cafe's sunwarmed patio. I'm glad I have that memory of her in happier times.


I'll miss you, Karen.

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Oh, no!! :D


I knew she was having problems, but had no idea it was this bad.


I first met Karen when we were both looking for Bull Moose's Can you find it? in March of 2004.


I nearly scared the piddle right out of her, when I came crashing out of the brush like, well, a bull moose.


She hosted the It's a calf event in Silverdale when Baby Moose was still cooking.


I hope she has finally found peace.

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i was at the little Moose event that she put on in Silverdale. I remember slipping her $20 as she put the whole thing on by herself. She always treated me like her Grandfather. I remember her asking me to e-mail her mother who is a few years younger and lost tendons attached to her rotor cuff and to encourage her as i had lost 3 tendons attached to my right rotor cuff. That i did. So long Karen.

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I remember hiking up part of Mount Baker with Karen, Belleterre and her daughter (and other adventures too!). We shared such special moments, laughed with abandon and reveled in the beauty all around us. She was a very special woman of great depth and sensitivity. I am so sad that she did not win that terrible battle...

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I learned about it yesterday too. I was chaperoning on a school hike with her husband and their son (now 12y old) to Sol Duc. We slept in tents, and got snowed in. Mrs. B. Would have loved it, I think.


We will be looking out for her son. For most of his conscious years, his mother has been very sick and extremely withdrawn, and I want to help him know what a wonderful, creative and compassionate person she was, and how much she was appreciated by a large community. If anyone can contribute to that, please e-mail me, daniel at shunra dot net.


And Belleterre, that was very well put. I hope she's made it Mt. Jupiter now. Safely.

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