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eBay sales of Geocoins

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I sell on ebay and i have been shocked myself on some of the coin sales of coins that are still for sale out there that people bid on real high.


I have told customers to stop bidding and go to Oakcoins before to buy them and they they responded by telling me no that that was no fun and they enjoyed what they where doing.


I felt bad for some of them until i tried talking to them.


It is a thrill to beat someone and it gives people something to do.


I am sure this is not all the cases but it is for some.


As a seller it does not always go well for us either after we pay the listing fees and etc.


Some you do good on and some you lose on so it is a chance for us both on ebay as a seller and a buyer.


Bidding or selling on ebay is so fun for many of us and it adds a little excitement in or life :?)

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I suspect that for some folks, it is a matter of convenience


you only have to go one place

you get to see lots of things that are available

there are many things available in "buy it now" auctions

only one site name to remember, only one password to remember


if you have enough disposable income available to not care all that much about how much you spend, it can be an attractive option


- - - -


also, there are sometimes variant/metal/version/finish issues


while the common "black nickel" edition of a particular coin may still be available from the original vendor, the much rarer "antique copper" one might only be had via a re-sell at auction


for a collector who wants all of the items in a series, an auction may an easy way (or maybe even the only way) to complete a set

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I don't understand ... several coins I see with crazy bids on eBay are still for sale from Oak Coins, GeoSwag, Groundspeak, etc.


Why don't people check with these sites before bidding?!? :anicute:

Because some of these sellers offer BETTER shipping options than those sites.

I use those sites to see the coins i want to buy then hit ebay for those offering those coins AND offer priority shipping.

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