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TipTip? TopTop? Nope...TAPTAP!

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Introducing my next project: TapTap. TapTap is a slightly strange creature, no one really knows if he is a frog, a gecko or a chameleon. I like to call him a geckomelon but I'm not sure the "frog" in him would be OK with that?!


You can follow the progress of this coin by following me on facebook (see signature). But for now, attached is my current progress. Shoot, my taptap just got loose...






Ah here he is...ohhh TapTap, what am I to do with you?






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TapTap just poked me and then pointed at the computer...


He (she?) is CUTE ! and more than a round coin ~ which I adore . . .

More like..."it". Also, a circle coin simply "can't" contain a TapTap, its not possible since TapTap is so energetic and quick...like a puma in a way although don't tell TT I compared it to a mammal please. He is 110% amphibian.


Super cute. I like the reference to Tribal Sun in the background.

Wow good catch! Them be keen eyes, I'm surprised them good ol eyes haven't already seen a TapTap in the wild!


That is truly disturbing ... but its hard to stop looking at it.

Yes, it is a little disturbing I must admit. Not everyones cup o tea. Wait until you see bling bling taptap (all gold, with gold teeth, with the tracking numbers engraved on the teeth). Only 15 to be minted of blingblingtaptap (courtesy of an idea that came from my fan club member: WRITESHOPROBERT). 150 total will be run, doing smaller mints now since...um...I cater to a niche crowd :P
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Them are excellent ideas! I took a blended approach...for some reason I love "track" being big, perhaps because it helps point out that the purple shape below is a "track" or "paw print". Which really begs the question: Do gecko-meleon's have paws or feet or flippers?


Still fine tuning the "track" to best fit in its new space, but you get the idea with this:



Also a few folks asked where the tracking code will be. The front is still being worked on, and I'll be giving TapTap a "tracking bracelet" on his left arm (top right side of coin). That way people that are tracking him (for education, research, evolutionary studies, etc) can be sure to find him :)


Of course the bling bling gold version will be different (the code will be on his teeth, and the bracelet will be used to tell you which # out of ## you have: so 1/15 for example).


Also, the yellow and green colors on front will be translucent (there will be some texture added below and the sun shape will be at a lower level, so you'll see it "through" the translucent).

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Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm suprised anyone likes this "being" I created!!! Taptap came to life initially for an animation in film school over 10 yrs ago.


Tentatively there will be 5 versions (50,50,50,20,15,15). The 50's will be purple,glow,tbd regular edition's, 20 taptap for the cure pink, 15 bling gold, 15 artist b&w.


Fan club can reserve, more info later, in the meantime become a fan! See signature or click here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/zelanzy/272486720400

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Hello, I haven't updated this post in awhile so I figured I'd give one for those not following on facebook!


Current Status: Mint Art 95% complete. I expect samples in a few weeks and production run complete sometime in July. You can tentatively reserve by posting in a facebook thread here. More details to follow after I get the samples. If you are not a facebook member feel free to IM/email me your email address and I'll put you on the tentative list (you can pick version & quantities a little later).


Special Edition Notice: It's worth mentioning that there are going to be a few versions (taptap for the cure, taptap blingbling, and taptap artist edition) that will be just run 20-25 each. This means that the first 20-25 comments on that facebook thread get priority on picking them. Its my goal to get 100 facebook fans this year so I'm running some exclusive stuff to those folks cheering me on!


Attached is the the current mint art. The orange sunburst design will be recessed metal with a transparent surface fill. The front/ground (green in the art) and back will also be transparent fill. The body figure and paw print (foot print? toe prints?) will be imitation hard enamel.




Note: There have been a few minor revisions since this, they are on my facebook page (see sig).


Thanks, Zelanzy

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The glow and the cure, they will be mine. OH YES.

Sounds like you are talking about a wicked rave party or something lol.




Yes, TAPTAP and I have contracted out to DJ ZeeZee, and we're planning to take over the Bonny Doon beach and have us a party!!

I'm so glad that someone (perhaps just 1 person on earth!) understands my product line! I try to keep it simple but it gets so confusing when you have 6 versions of each heh...the things I do to myself and my poor mint :unsure:
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Opening TapTap's free reservation to the public (was just communicated to facebook/twitter fans until now). Just a few specials left! I should have sample pics soon.


TapTap Reservation Information & Form


If we requested some on FB do we have to reserve there too? And if we have not reserved there will we miss out on what we'd requested on FB? :lol::rolleyes:


If you reserve through this link then it would take precedence over anything already submitted to me. But I did move prior reservations (from my informal FB process) over into this database already. I'll go with your latest submission, sorry for the confusion!

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Sample pics added of 3 of the 6 coin faces. These are mint pics...samples haven't quite arrived yet. There is still time to reserve (read above), closing that down at the end of the week. About 190 of 250 have been reserved. I'll be holding some back for GCF 2010 too.


Note: There will be some minor color alterations when these move to mass production.


Purple (the standard coin, with transparency covering background sun & hills):



Glow (these are colored glow enamel):



Artist (this is the only one with hard fill in all areas)...taptap in a snowstorm?:



The other 3 coins have slightly larger color changes needed but are pretty close (Bling, Green, Pink). Will post more pics a bit later.

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Little bit of a delay...mass production should start Monday. The delay is related to the glow coin (anti-copper sample had 3 glows in front which is not recommended by mint). I'm still fighting for 3 glows!!! If it were to change, the glow yellow would become glow white.


Should have these mid August and will be invoicing then. Reservations open through Sunday 5pm Central (see post #33). The rest will come with me to GCF 2010. Have about 50 unreserved at the moment.


Note: Vanelle helped me optimize my colors, so a few other minor changes too. The theme was to deepen the background colors so TapTap pops out at ya a bit more!



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digging the AE the most, darnit! This coin has come a LONG way! Good to see it moving into final production :unsure:

About the AE: the thought is "snowy taptap in a snowy snowstorm in snowy Minnesota"...ya know...chameleons blendin into the minne"snow"ta background! Well...I realized no one would get that...(which was confirmed by reservations...this was the least reserved)...so only ended up making 20. Now...this sounds like just a few...but it IS 4 times the reservations for it!


Oh and reservations close tonight midnight central. Thanks for those that have reserved! Looks like I'll have around 40-50 for GCF (250 minted, 190-200 reserved). These will also be available in Germany and the UK (not all versions though).



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