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Flying Monkey TB MIA


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Hi Everyone,


I have a query about my missing in action travel bug. The Flying Monkey (Oj6KV8) was released into the wild be me on the 28/5/2009. He is my first travel bug and I had high hopes for him. Certainly I had higher hopes than the one move he made from Up the Creek to the Brisvegas Meet and Greet. Since then he has been in the hands of one Geocacher who got me really excited by writing the following:


"Going to add some interesting photos for you

Will find a nice large and interesting cache for this fellow"


Since then nothing has happened. The log entry was on the 13/9/2009 over 7 months ago. I waited quite patiently for a long time before I sent a polite email via Geocaching.com to the holder of the Monkey. I received no reply. I then sent another message a bit later and still nothing. Finally I sent a message to everyone who discovered the Flying Monkey at the meet and Greet just in case any one of them knew the holder. (They all discovered him on the same day so I though it was a fair bet.) Of those 5 people I had the courtesy of a reply from one.


So my question is where to from this point? I put some effort and thought into the Flying Monkey and I am disappointed that he appears to be languishing in the hands of one cacher. Have I exhausted all options in terms of contact with the holder? How long do I wait before I give up on the Flying Monkey?






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Not sure what you can do.


The best thing to do is join fourm.geocaching.com.au, which is where most Australian geocachers are.


Post a similar note in the Queensland section (the state that Brisbane is in).


Apart from that, you may want to use your spare dogtag and set up another TB. I had a similar thing happen to Airport Snoopy (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=79158). I will eventually release his clone.



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