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Deer Bait Cache

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Hi all, I was going to do my 999th find at GC1X7FQ "Mining Some Cold Hard Cache Too" and my 1000th at GC2B4 "Deer Bait" in Ontario sometime this week. I was wondering if anyone would like to join me? I hear it's recommended to do the "Mining Some Cold Hard Cache Too" one with someone else in case something happens.


Anyone interested?


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You should do the mining cache for #1000. I did it 2 weeks ago and it was one of my all time favourites. Not hard to find, but a nice physical challenge to get to and some beautiful scenery on the way with the multiple waterfalls (depending on how to go down).

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Deer Bait is an excellent cache, and a great hike. Bring your camera, and be prepared for a walk that's longer than it looks. I agree with some of the other posts in this thread though - Mining Some Cold Hard Cache Too will be much more memorable for you when you think back to the day you were at those caches.


To get to Mining, you can use the ropes along portions of the trail, or if you overshoot the cache by 300M you will find it's a lot less steep. If there's any hint of rain on the day you are going, I would suggest the long route as the shale/mud is very slippery at the bottom of those rope sections - you will have a few tricky spots on the trail at the bottom though, particularly as you climb up and around Lower Decew Falls (where Slip'n'Slide is). You might want to grab visits on all the waymarks there if you're planning to visit the Quasy Challenge - Waymarking cache later. Don't forget to get your CachePort while you're in the Decew area.

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