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GSAK Database Setup

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For those of you using GSAK how do you setup your databases to manage the different areas you cache in. Do you setup a DB for each general area?. I cache in several cities (San Antonio, Houston, Humble, Pasadena and several parks) and was wondering what the more seasoned users are doing with this.


I have 3 different GPSr and each requires a different upload setup due to memory, etc (60CSX, Oregon 550, and Nuvi 765t).


All input appreciated.



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I have the areas that I cache in most in one database. I have a database for "personal waypoints" which I typically don't use anymore since I got my TomTom. That database was to load them into my 60CSx for autorouting.


I also have some databases for trips that I take, be them for work or vacations. I have gone to the Caribbean a few years in a row, so I have a database for that area. I generally only run PQs for those a few weeks before a trip.


My current main database has over 30,000 caches in it at this point, so you can have loads to caches in any database. My suggestion would be to have all the areas you usually go in one database and set up additional databases as you see fit, vacations, business trips, etc.

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Thanks for the input. I added databases for other states and also one to move "finds" into. I then created different filters for my respective GPSr to create specific GPX files for each and also split the GPX files into location specific files ( i.e San Antonio, Houston, etc and some for the State / National parks).


Will try this setup for awhile and see how it shakes out. Again thanks

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