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Accuracy of Geocache Navigator on Blackberry

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I recently got a Blackberry. I downloaded the 7 day trial, but didn't get a chance to try it out, and it exppired. I was just wodering how accurate the phone GPS really is. It would be nice to access geocacheing.com, and log finds on my phone, but don't know if the purchace price is worth it if I still need to carry my GPS in addition to my phone. Any input would be great.

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I have been using a BB 8330 and it does OK. I have been using this app only because it is free and I plan to buy a better GPS in the near future. But with this app I have found 7 caches with mixed accuracy results. I have gone from it saying I am 40' away and it be right there to 1' away and that's what I would be is 1' away. It works though so I am using until I get something better.

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I can tell you from someone who has found 100 caches with that exact phone and app. that accuracy is great....As LONG AS you are not under tree cover, near tall buildings, or is a cloudy day. Then you will have some issues....I just bought the Garmin Etrex Venture HC. That fixes A LOT of the issues...but for a simple 5$/month.....I like the ability to load caches whenever/wherever. but don't count on finding micro's with a 5 Star difficulty without a good hint while using your phone...You will be combing the area on your hands and knees...

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I used geonavigator on my storm and while a little slow to update distance it worked fine.


Thanks for the info on this app. i am using BlackStar on my VZW 9630 now and will be trying Geocache Navigator starting Saturday (7 Day Trial). i like the idea of it downloading the 10 closest caches. B* doesn't do that. i have been using Bolt to look up cache locations and copy/paste info to B8.

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