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It would depend upon how it is done. There are many a cache hidden near farst food outlets. One I did up in Qld out side a pie shop talks about how nice they are and ask that you pop in to say hello to the owner.


Best thing to do is write up the cache page for review add the words along the lines of 'This cache has been placed out side my favourite restaurant' and some other details in the reviewer information box.

They will list cache or post a note for you with hints/tips or even questions to help them understand. Just work with them, it my be easier for them to understand what you are trying to do if they can see the prepaired cache page.


Hope this helps you may like to look here- http://support.Groundspeak.com//index.php?....page&id=74

And this will also help- http://support.Groundspeak.com//index.php?....page&id=78


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This post is to clear the air for other Forum users so that they are not drawn into what appears to be a bit of a vendetta.

I believe Uralba is talking about GC23NZD PT Challenge.

The description only states that the Cache is near a particular restaurant and has no reference to whether the cache owner likes to eat there or not.

I believe the reason that Uralba has placed this post in here is because he/she found the cache and then placed inflammatory comments about a commercial venture in their found log.

They were asked to edit their log so as not to make Groundspeak liable for any slander that appears on their website.

The log was edited but still cast dispersions on the said establishment and so the Found It Log was deleted.



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A cautionary note regarding this bumped thread: A cache page saying "this is my favorite restaurant" or any other endorsement or promotion of a business would not be published today under the current listing guidelines concerning "Commercial Caches." And, no business name can be mentioned on a cache page (though many reviewers will allow leeway such as "thanks to ABC Company for granting permission for this cache" or "do not park in the housing development, please enter the woods from the parking lot behind Big Box Store.").

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