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Downloadable PQs don't work on my Blackberry

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I just ran my Pocket Queries and they included the Pocket Query file attached to the email message as well as the link.

That works only when the Pocket Query has 500 or fewer caches. Pocket Queries with more than 500 caches are available for download only, and the e-mail message includes only a link to the Pocket Queries page. At least that's the way I understand the new system works.


I ordered up a Pocket Query that gave me about 850 caches earlier today; all I got was the notification and a link, with no file attached.



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I just found out about it today, myself.. Mind you, I like the idea, but it does add an extra step for you to need to do...


Can GC.COM make it an option to send or keep? Most email servers do allow larger than 2MB file restrictions.. Otherwise, GCV.COM is suddenly going to have a Over-sized chunk of their storage space occupied..

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I would imagine that the new procedure for large queries was discussed extensively before implementation. Without being party it would seem that the increase on their email outgoing would have been very high and was probably the reason.


As to storage filling two thing. Storage is cheap and it only stays for 7 days before it disappears.

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