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PQ's grabbing caches that are out of range for the PQ settings

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Since the release yesterday, I started re-doing my old PQ's to take advantage of the new 1,000 cache limit. In doing so, I came across an odd issue where the PQ's seem to be picking up caches that are far outside of the set radius area (including archived and unpublished caches) when previewing the PQ in Google Maps view.


For TPTB, if you want to look at the PQ's in question, I have named them "WEIRD 1", "WEIRD 2" and "WEIRD 3". They are all brand new and have never been run before.


#1 picks up GCB "Geocache", which was archived long ago and is 300km away from my home coordinates.

#2 picks up GC6DD3 "For Whom the Bell Tolls", which is almost 2,200km away from my home coordinates.

#3 picks up GC3096 "TD's Chilton County Cache", which was archived long ago and is 3,400km away from my home coordinates.


All of the PQ's are configured the same way, except for the Placed between dates:

  • "Any type"
  • "Any container"
  • "That 'I haven't found' and that 'I don't own'"
  • No terrain or difficulty restrictions
  • "Within 'British Columbia'"
  • "From origin 'My Home Coordinates'"
  • "Within a radius of '120km'"
  • "Placed between 'January 1, 1995' and 'SEE BELOW'"
  • No attribute restrictions

For the date ranges:

#1 is between "January 1, 1995" and "January 31, 2007"

#2 is between "January 1, 1995" and "March 31, 2007"

#3 is between "January 1, 1995" and "March 30, 2007"


NOTE: The only reason that they all start in 1995 is because that's the oldest year selectable in the PQ configuration screen and since I do my PQ's based on date, it only makes sense to start from the earliest possible date. Additionally, I also tried manually setting the coordinates in case it was an issue with the "My Home Coordinates" selection, but I got the same results.


The key here is that each of the 3 listed caches above only show in that respective PQ and none of the other ones. If I change the end date even by 1 day on any of them, that cache will disappear and a different one will appear. For example, if I change the end date on #3 to April 1, 2007, GC3096 no longer appears, however GCB723 "Living Pond" does (which looks like it's actually unpublished).


As I said before, this appears to only be an issue when previewing the PQ in Google Maps mode. These mysterious caches do not appear when previewing in List mode, so it could conceivably be an issue with the Google Maps programming or something.

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I created a new PQ centered on Zip code 55337 (Burnsville, MN) and requested 1,000 active caches. However, my result returns only 665 and for some reason 1 geocache "The Spot" is returned by this PQ from New York...?


Some type of bug in the new generator?

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