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ACGA & Fundy National Park wins Award


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Today, ACGA has learned that along with its partners at Fundy National Park & The Fundy Guild; that it will receive an Award of Excellence from Parks Canada for our work in developing the EcoIntegrity Geocaching Program over the last 3 years.


The program has been able to engage people by exploring the National Park and to connect the visitors with everything that the park has to offer by being able to leverage geocaching. Along with a strong relationship and passion; ACGA & Fundy National Park have been recognized by Parks Canada with one of its most prestigious awards.


ACGA prides itself with the strong relationships that it has built over the years in order to create new geocaching experiences by engaging with its partners such as Parks Canada & Environment Canada.


The model used at Fundy National Park is currently being adapted by Cape Breton Highlands National Park and by Nova Scotia Parks. The model is being considered by several National Parks across Canada. ACGA will continue to lead in this area and will be looking forward to new partners to engage within Atlantic Canada.

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Congrats! My family and I did the 2009 trail and earned the very cool wooden geocoin. We were two away from getting the 2008 one as well but the weather interfered big time! And then we had to leave to come back home to Ontario!

It is a very deserving award! Congrats again!


(now to get the National Parks in Ontario to see what can be done maybe we can get Ontario Parks to jump aboard too!)

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