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I am stuck

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Cachers I need help. I have a cache with the name “Stone Huts” (GC1DDRY) As part of the cache hunt I also have an additional requirement which is not a prerequisite to log an find to ensure that I do not breach geocaching.com’s rules.


For this additional effort writing the story I decided it is fair to issue a geocoin after every 11th cache visit. The issue of this coin is now due and this is a problem. All cache visits and all stories have the same chance of getting this geocoin. The cachers that have received a geocoin at this cache are naturally excluded from any future draws. All stories are included and not the last 11 ones.


In the beginning I had this idea that once in a while a good story will emerge and that the selection will therefore be easy. However, I severely underestimated the story writing skills of cachers. The stories published on this listing are good to read and they are equal.


I am now sitting with a situation where the coin must be issued and I have no specific story that I can say “This is the best one and it is above the rest”. There are about 5 of them that are equally good. The more I read them the more confused I get. I would not like to use the technique of “Pull a name out of the hat”. Ok, I can also print them without names and hand them to 5 people in my department and instruct them to rate as 1 to 5. Yes, I can also issue a coin to each and every one but that will ruin me. :)


Maybe this is a shot in the dark and maybe this is too much effort but I would like to appeal to cachers to help me. Please read the stories and rate them as position 1 to 5 and e-mail it to me. Please do not publish it on the forum. I think the format should be something like #1 Cacher Name, #2 Cacher name, #3 Cacher Name, #4 Cacher Name, #5 Cacher Name.


If you have a story at this listing please do not rate yourself as the winner with 5 names in a row. :) If more than 3 cachers respond then I will award points to each position in the list and the cacher with the most points will be the one receiving the coin. I will wait for about 2 weeks for cachers to respond if any. Thanks. Gerhard

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