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I ventured out today to discover the new world of "benchmarks" and found to my surprise that the benchmark in question ( JV1344 ) was within a Railroad Right-of-way. Actually at the west portal of a main line tunnel! Now as a retired Railroader(thirty four years service), I can state unequivocally that CSX TRANSPORTATION nor any class one Railroad wants geocachers or anyone ON there Right-of-way at any time. So I would hope that would-be Benchmarkers research the location before venturing out.I know this is a wonderful family activity so lets be safe out there.It takes over a mile to stop a fast moving freight train on the main line. THANKS. MICKYD

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I suppose Interstate Highway median strips are the same way. One close to my house is such a benchmark--I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid, so I didn't venture across two lanes of 70+mph traffic full of people already brimming over with rage due to construction just to take a picture of a disk set in a block of concrete. Besides, Interstates are emergency stopping only, and I suppose the only people allowed into the median have to be there in an official capacity.



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Don't get me wrong....SAFETY IS FIRST AND FOREMOST.


trains are very dangerous, and don't care about life or property. be safe always when crossing or near railroad tracks.


with the important info out of the way... We have a railroad line that has been officially abandoned by the owners of the track. our Town will soon put a bike trail there. for me to be on this track is ok, because it is totally abandoned. check in your area for lines that have been abandoned. make sure that it has become public knowledge that the trains will no longer run on that track. then check out that benchmark that is near the track, or on the edge of a concrete pillar of a RR bridge. still be carefull.


Silly Dilly Duo

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I see a new disclaimer has been added about private property. This is good since in a previous post I mentioned at least two near me are on the grounds of a Lucent facility, Bell Labs.


I know they would not legally want me wandering around looking for benchmarks.


Also some are NJ Transit right of way and here too I am not going to go looking for those. Also the ones at the Garden State Toll Plaza. No way I am stopping and being reported on the traffic report.

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