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Cache Pack


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Everything is on my belt.

Moving counter clockwise


Belt Buckle

Camera & SD Cards

Mag Lite

Buck Knife


GPS Unit


PDA in my shirt pocket

Boot Knife on my right ankle


If I go out for a day I will bring my camelpack for water

and at night I have a elastic headband mounted light I will use sometimes.


I've been thinking my might start carrying a pack with me for maybe lunches, or CITO reasons?



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I use a small backpack/bookbag. It's big enough for our bag-o-swag, water, basic tools, extra baggies and logs, and all of that good stuff. I also don't have to unpack it when it's time to do laundry (huge plus). I also like it because there's often just enough space I can pack a picnic lunch.


I'm a female cacher and have had some bad luck with vests just annoying the heck out of me while climbing!

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I've been thinking my might start carrying a pack with me for maybe lunches, or CITO reasons?




It is really nice to have CITO implements available. We carry gloves and bags with us in our pack. You can even do the 'stuff a CITO bag into a film can' thing, takes up less space.

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I use a fanny pack with bottle holders on each side. In one I carry the Pocket PC, and in the other I carry some water. This is for shorter runs. I have a large camelbak for those longer hikes. Since most caches don't seem to have much worth trading for anymore it isn't as big a deal to carry a lot of swag.

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The one thing I'd say is most handy is to wrap about 10" of duct tape around a pencil or pen. It adds little bulk or weight, yet comes in very, very handy for repairing caches that need a little TLC. You can easily unroll it to whatever length you need. Now I'm considering adding another pen, wrapped with spare cammo tape.

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Although a nice sized fanny-pack is probably one of the handiest things to cache with, I do find that there is a social stigma attached to them that may dissuade some people from using them.


Personally, I take a compact backpack with multiple compartments that serves me perfectly. When well-organized the only disadvantage is the necessity to swing it on/off your back.


I would think shoulder bags could be annoying when trekking hunched over through brush as it might swing down and catch on bushes or bounce against your knees, etc.

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