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Magellan Explorist GC

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Step by step from the manual - Make sure to read #6 so you get the proper file in the proper folder.


Installing Pocket Queries from E-mail

1. After getting the e-mail with your pocket query results, save the attached zip file to your computer.

2. Unzip the pocket query file. There will be two extracted files, one with a xxxxxxx.gpx filename and one with a xxxxxxx-wpts.gpx filename.

3. Connect your Magellan eXplorist GC receiver to your PC using a USB cable.

4. When prompted, select “Connect to PC”.

5. On your PC, open the MAGELLAN directory.

6. Drag the file xxxxxxx.gpx to the ‘Geocaches’ folder and the file xxxxxxx-wpt.gpx to the ‘Waypoints’ folder.

7. The data will be transferred to your receiver and the geocaches are ready to use. (You need to disconnect or reboot the receiver to exit the “Connect to PC” screen.)


Do you use GSAK? Make sure to upgrade to newest version (7.7.0) with build 18 then choose Magellan and explorist GC as the GPS type and click the "Send" button.

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Magellan's VantagePoint software will do the job as well. Once you've run the PQ you can log into geocaching.com from the program and it will download the information. Then you can sync the gps and the program. Also, once you've marked some caches as found the next time you plug the GC in it will ask if you want to upload your field notes.


I haven't tried to do this any other way yet so maybe someone else can answer if all the pictures and attributes are included in the drag and drop method?

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