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Unusual, creative or weird caches

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In the last couple months I've seen some interesting caches pointed out.


In the forums this week there was a cache on the International Space station GC1BE91



is a cache on the ocean floor, over 2,000 feet below sea level. (Yeah, don't think my rubber dingy will get that one)

Called "Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents"




There was once recently I saw at the bottom of an old nuclear reactor core. Not my idea of a good time. No, I read about it, I didn't actually go there and see it.




Is on Antartica. Has had four finds.

The person who placed it said it was the first cache on Antartica.

the picture link says, "the best looking cache in antartica" which of course it was, since it was the ONLY cache in antartica.

They have updated the coords, but they have not updated the title on the picture. There are now many on that continent. Maybe it's still the best looking one?




What interesting caches have you seen?

(you do not have to have been there to post it here)

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