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I've recently been cycling from Glasgow Queend street to work along the canal as the city train connection is currently broken. Luckily there's a cache trail along it so I've been tryning to ration myself and am picking off one per day (well 2 today since it is Friday :laughing: )

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i have been planning a cache/charity ride for a little while now.


i was planning on following a similar route that Eddie izzard done for marothan man, England - wales - ireland - scotland - back to London 1100 miles round trip.




He done 30 miles a day running, i was thinking about the same per day by bike so i wont be killing myself, i will have all food and accomodation in a little trailer and hope to raise a large amount of money for a charity (and clock up a good cache count)


im in the planning stages at the moment but am just starting to up my exercise to make sure im super fit befor i start.


i hope to have a laptop on route with me to keep people updated and maybe even have a web cam mounted on the handle bars.


from the trailer i will fly two flags


1. my chosen charity

2. a geocaching flag with a discover me TB number

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I was bored today so thought id get my bike out and find some local caches, i was just wondering does anybody else use there bike for caching and how far do you travel?


I do virtually all my local caching by bike.


Depending on time of year, weather conditions, and how much energy I feel like expending I've covered anything up to about 30 miles in a day looking for caches. These days I tend to do 10-15 miles as a minimum simply because there's virtually nothing I haven't already found within the first 5 miles or so.


It can be very useful for urban caching because if you need to draw attention away from what you're doing you can fiddle with the chain, the brakes, the gears, and people don't give you a second look. It can be less helpful if the cache is even a short way off the beaten track because you have to either leave the bike (which looks odd), or drag it through into the bushes (which also looks odd).


It can be amazingly useful for looking under park benches. You can prop the bike against a bench, squat right down (even onto your hands and knees) and then inspect spokes, chain links, whatever you want. Of course all the time you're actually looking past the part you're poking to find a film pot under the bench.

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In June I'm off to the Channel Isles to visit the most southerly point in Britain and hopefully place a cache there, as well as attend an event on each of the islands which already have a cache. As it is free to take a bike down to Poole on the train, and across on the ferries, I decided to save lots of petrol and three ferry trips for the car (to Jersey, to Guernsey and back) and cycle instead. The islands aren't so big they won't be fully explorable - and cachable- by bike so I'm looking forward to doing a few miles in the time I'm down there. My personal best for a day is 62miles (100km) from London to Brighton; 30-a-day doesn't sound too horrible, even for several weeks. Have a great trip when you go, and good luck with the c-word :anibad:

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I am very much a long distance cyclist and after having a child 12 years ago, had to give it up. Now she is old enough we are embarking on longer and longer journeys.

Also we do not own a car, so all caching will be by bike or by coach, and having a 'goal' for the rides is the icing on the cake!


ps I have only just started, and so far all finds have been walks.

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