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Newbie Builder - how to create coins

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I just played my first WIG a week or two and thought I'd try my hand at creating a WIG cache in my local area. I've created a couple of test cartridges for my backyard just so I could test the zones, tasks, etc. and am brainstorming on an actual WIG cache for release.


I've seen a couple of cartridges and posts that reference collecting coins and am wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a built-in feature or if I just need to find a coin image and create a "coin" item in the cartridge?


If I wanted users to pick up a coin at say 3-5 different spots, would I create 3-5 coins or can I "place" an instance of a single coin in each zone/location?





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Yes, the coin cartridge is something you can get set up quickly.


Open the Groundspeak Builder (don't open a cartridge). Go to Tools > Wizards > Create a Simple Cartridge. From there, fill out the form and it'll create a cartridge where you go around, talk to characters, and pick up coins.

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