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EarthDay Cointest

Mystical GreenMan

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;) a short quick cointest to commemorate EarthDay ;)

B) win an MGM v1 mystery coin and an MGM pathtag B)


my rules, your stories

one entry per cointestant per day

winner(s) chosen randomly

Wed. 4/21 - Mon. 4/26


tell us what you do to make a difference while caching.


do you CITO?

practice 'no trace' guidelines?

host or attend events?

teach others how to reduce thier impact on the environment?



Happy EarthDay! :)



leave no trace


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Thanx for the cointest!


We have practiced CITO, as well as "no trace" guidelines. In addition, my son is finishing his third year of Cub Scouts right now, and this year, he earned his "No Trace" patch by learning about, discussing, and practicing this all-important process. In fact, it was due to us talking to the group about caching and this process that the den leader decided to continue the discussion so that all of the kids in the group could earn this badge. Our sharing of the hobby and its extensions has made, and continues to make, a difference.

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I already have a MGM Coin, but i know someone who really deserves one and loves the pathtag, but isn't active at the forum anymore and had some trouble ;) so i will take part here and if i win, i will send it to the person :)


I held two CITOs last years and plan to hold 1 or 2 this year.

But thats not enough. The areas here are somtimes very dirty. Everywhere paper, zigarrets and other trash ;)


If i see sth. like this while caching, i collect it, if its not too big to carry and put it in a bin.


But unfortunately some caches are full of rubbsih/trash, too. People put defect cigarette lighters, fireworks and so on in caches and they are found by children, too B)

If i see this in caches i take it with me and place some swag instead of the rubbish B)


And i'm not the only one...some others here in this area also collect the rubbish and try to clean the nature.


But it's a pitty, that most of the cachers don't care about the nature B) And if you try to tell them that it's wrong what they are doing, they don't listen.


So everything we can do is to clean the cache-areas and the nature in general while caching. Practise CITO while caching and not only at the events :)


Thank you very much for this cointest and for saving the nature!

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This is not exactly geocaching related as it was while paddling outrigger canoe. Typically there is tons of trash that gets blown into the ocean but it's only when you have eyes right above the water level and your hands in it that you notice it. As steersman I always try to direct the boat in such a way to make a grab for paper cups or sheets of paper that float past.


But on one occasion I saw what looked like a black plastic bag floating on the surface. No problem, I stuck my blade in on the port side and directed the boat towards the target bringing it alongside between the boat and the ama (outrigger). The stroker in the front seat was the first to get her hands on the bag and pulled nearly yanking her into the water. Now the person in seat 2 reached out to give a hand and together they couldn't pull it aboard without ripping it apart. Mind you we were 1/4 a mile offshore, a distance normally covered in a few minutes so hauling this 30gal bag of trash should've take no time at all. However we had to drag it. So with one paddler holding the bag, not paddling, and the drag from the bag it took us almost 1/2 and hour to deliver this pile of trash to the beach. This was no wind blown detritus but the result of short dump run.... very short - the old overboard toss. No wonder there is a mega field of trash and debris in the Pacific Ocean that covers millions of sq. miles.


Edit to add a side note.... A bell buoy marking the harbour entrance is a natural location for sea lions to haul out of the water to warm up and take in the sun and a landmark we always use to make our turns but the saddest thing is that just about every time we go out there we see one animal with horrific gouges around it's neck from filament line slicing through their flesh as they grow THROUGH it.

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Being a horticulturist, I naturally do care for nature.

While growing up, it was always utmost important to take all your leftovers of picnics back home.

I still handle things that way.


Last sunday we found a difficult mystery only because I practised CITO.


I'll quote my blog for the story, if I may:


We than seached for a solved mystery, the main reason for Stramon to come to Hamburg. Well, actually, this was already in Lower Saxony, but still quite close to Hamburg… This mystery had a Difficulty/Terrain rating Stramon was missing in his P81 matrix.

Some have strange goals…. My goal was always to cache in as many countries as possible, Stramon wants to fullfill all the D/T ratings.

He had solved the puzzle, which is a good thing, cause I wouldn’t for the life of me have found a solution to this. But searching for the stations I could. Interesting handy work and a huge final. To say more would be a spoiler, I’m afraid.

But we found the cache only with the help of an empty glass bottle. It was laying close to one station and I picked it up to drop it into a bin later. Stramon offered to put it in his backpack, but it was dirty, so I got a plastic bag out and put the bottle in there. But searching with GPSr and bottle in hand was tricky, so I after a while I asked Stramon to put the bottle into his backpack. His move to grab the bottle from me made him realise where the cache was. He was standing on the camouflage…

To practice CITO is always a good idea.


Thanks for the cointest.

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thank you for the cointest and for the chance to win one of your lovely coins my mystery friend! :)


hmm... what we do to make a difference while geocaching....

Oh! one post per day... so I have to post only one thing we do per day? :)


Since I am alone here (we are just me, my sister and my brother in law, all under my codename, and of course my father and my mother - mostly my father who is helping many times!) in the island and I mostly go for geocaching during winter or spring (many jobs here are seasonal so...), it is difficult to make a cito event or anything! Of course...since we are here alone... we do not need a Cito event to clean places we visit!


When we are out for geocaching we are not only goinf for that but we are going for picknic too! we love eating outside, or go for swimming but all the time we respect nature! anyway.. that is for an other post! :D


Many times when we go in places that have garbadges, thrown things etc, we try to clean the area! I am not talking only about cache areas! When we go to eat somewhere and there are tin cans, bottles, plastic things etc thrown down, we clean them up! It is ashame that many do not care and they just leave their trush and go.... B)


Some weeks ago we went to a place with an old church! we stayed there had a barbeque (with much care and careful, ok?) we ate but the area had so many trush!!! We use to put out trush in bags and throw them in the special boxes, but it seems that almost all the others who go there... do not really care! Too bad becasue the place is lovely with lots of green and a small water stream....


we started collecting and we had about 3 big bags of tin cans, bottles made of plastic or glass and a bag with other things.... it was a mess! it seemed that they were mostly drinking there.... or the thrown food was eaten by animals.... who knows!


we were happy when the area was clean but... we were 1000% sure that this was going to last only for 1 week! the following saturday the church was celebrating and a festival was there with many people from the nearby villages! The garbadges we had collected were probably from something like that!!! :) What can I say... if they do not respect the places near them...


anyway... I have to say that.. We didn't throw the bottles and cans! since we had them in different bags, we went to the recycling machine that now put in the city! Yes! we carryed the trush for about 100 KM! :D


The machine is actually buying the cans and bottles! Not much money but... It gives 1 eurocent for every tin can, 1 eurocent for 3 glass bottles and 1 eurocent for 3 plastic bottles!


The machine is counting the things you thrown (one by one), and gives you receipts with money! you can spend them in a supermarket!

Of course you can choose to donate the money or take the money!


The machine gives you 3 receipts, 1 for glass, 1 for plastic and 1 for tin cans!


I puched the donate button for the 2 and I took the one receipt and gave it to an old man who was there waiting! This old man is very poor and everyday he is collecting cans and bottles to earn some money! So.. what I did was a small present to him! He didn't know me, I didn't know him (the man who is responsible for the machine told us about the old man), and I felt so nice! The old man thanked me but he was watching me like I was an allien!! ;)


We do that now when we are going out and of course we keep things that take for recycling even in our house for the next time we will visit the machine! We like it a lot and ... we love playing with the machine! ;)


this Sunday we went to an other place! there were many like us eating there but was a family that..... made us mad!!!!

Except that they left their trush just like that even if there was a trush box about 100 meters (or less!!) from them, they started a fire to cook steaks (in a special place that is for fire there), but they "forgot" to put it out when they left!!!!!


We didn't have any bags to collect all their trush! there were food, plastic, bottles... huh!!!! We cleaned as we could but we left some thing that we couldn't curry.. and we brought water (there is a water tab there!!) to put out the fire!! Fires start with stupidities like the one they did!!! B)

I still can not believe that they just left the coals and the wood of the fire just like that!!! B)


hmm.. I wrote too much.... sorry! :) Next post... tomorrow! :D

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I made the Geocaching Virtues geocoin ~ 'nuff said.


Every time I go out caching, I pick something up =) I still have garbage in my caching bag! My caching adventures don't always end with a smiley, however. My last DNF resulted from my stumbling across several deer near the cache. The following is my log:


GeocoinGuy couldn't find Creek Cache (Traditional Cache)


When I pulled up to the close by parking, I saw thundering hoofprints in the mud - needless to say, there were 6 deer at the creek and chewing on the thin foilage - so I decided to take a quick peek and couldn't come up with it - so will try another day - as in mid day when I can take the time to search. Hopefully, others will not disturb the wildlife who seems to enjoy this quiet little spot. ~GG


Thanks for the cointest!


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I never feel like I have done enough for this planet. There is so much to do! I always try to have a trash bag in my car just in case a cache needs cito. The number one thing that I am beginning this year is strting compost piles at my parents' house. They have a garden, so at the end of the year I will transfer the rich compost soil to the garden. I am collecting any paper from the cache sites and adding it to the compost. Most people don't realize that paper is the number one waste product haunting our waste facilities. I know that isn't much... But it does help to clean up. Also, my grandparent's recycle cans... So I take any cans that I find to them.


Thanks for the cointest... Good luck to everyone in helping keep this planet clean.

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I am excited to participate in this Cointest. I like the topic, and I hope my story will inspire others.


Today's topic is: C.I.T.O. Cache's


Many years ago when I used to play more often I came up with the idea of a C.I.T.O. Cache. The idea is pretty simple, while caching I often came across parks that needed a lot of C.I.T.O. work. I hid large 1 gallon cache containers filled to the brim with C.I.T.O kits already made ready to use. I asked people to stop by these C.I.T.O. caches as they arrived at the park and pick up a C.I.T.O. kit to use on their way out. These caches went over well and I think they made practicing C.I.T.O. more accessible for many other cachers.

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Three years ago (has it been that long?) I placed a cache GC1232E to commerate Earth Day and CITO at an area that has always been a bad spot for litter and debris. It's a handy spot to sit and have a few frosty beverages and even get rid of junk. I did the first few clean ups but I've noticed since, that the place stays alot cleaner than it ever did before. I really think that having a cache there has made a lasting difference ecologically - and that's what it's really all about.

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I think my biggest contribution came when a new cache came out and the first 3 cachers complained in their posts about all the litter at ground zero. Instead of complaining my cacher partner and I went and cleaned up the area.


Thanks for holding this cointest!!

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When I am out caching, I always bring a plastic trash bag. I not only collect litter at GZ, but along the way too. I have participated in many CITO events and plan to continue attending as many as I can.


When caching in the woods, I try to observe the no trace rules. I am very diligent in not stepping on new growth, any wild flowers and mushrooms.


I grew up with the idea of respecting our planet and nature. I come from a long line of nature lovers and American Indians. My mother began teaching me about nature when I was 3. My love for nature has only grown over the years. I do what I can.


I also recycle my trash. I recycle everything I can, and if it can't be recycled, I try to use it again. When I met DarrylW4, he did no recycling. Since we have been together we have cut our trash amount in half. I still am always looking for new places to take my stuff that my normal place won't take.


Thanks for the cointest, and reminding us that if we all do a little, a lot can be done. :rolleyes:

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I try and bring cachers attention to issues around the earth.


I have 2 EarthCaches in oil producing areas that require a look at Peak Oil theory and the impacts on hydrocarbons on the environment.

I also have a cache at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi - the world's first carbon neutral city!


I try and place other caches that raise the attention of the earth too.

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Great idea!


I do a lot of caching with my bike or with public transportation. I don't care for FTFs so I don't need to hurry out with the car to drive miles and miles for just one cache.

Last year I attended one of Dark Elfs CITO-Events. Cleaning up a big park together with other geocachers was a great experience!

While caching I practice CITO on a regular basis. Of course I take all of my waste home (or to the next trash bin), and try to leave no traces if possible.


I could do more, but on some days I must admit I am too lazy to take the trash bag with me... :rolleyes:

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I'm a firm believer when I'm out hiking, I take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints. (With the exception of trading within a cache of course)


While some people don't like "power trails" I like the fact that you can park in one area and enjoy a beautiful walk and get a few caches at the same time... getting exercise and not polluting the environment by driving everywhere is always a good thing.


Thanks for the cointest!!!


Everyone can do more, but as long as everyone does SOMETHING, it makes a huge difference.

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We will attend a CITOevent on saturday and we are also helping with some of the arrangements. This is our 5th CITO and it is always fun to meet other cachers.


While out caching we teach our 3 kids to pick up our trash and not leave any traces in the nature while searchig for caches. We try to tell them to leave flowers and things as they are beautiful where they stand.


We are fortunate to live in Sweden where we are allowed to walk in the forests and nature and pick berries and fungus and to fish in the lakes and rivers. We would like to keep it that way and therefor we shall be careful with the nature.


Thank you for the cointest and for your message you Mystical GreenMan.


grodan Karin

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Oh... I would also like to note that my wife an I are working on creating a cache in an old nearby French Grant Cemetery. My friends and I stumbled across this cemetery one night while we were fishing on the river. It is never visited now. I am trying to find a public access to the cemetery.... and I will need to get permission to place the cache there. We have already begun cleaning the place up a little bit. It seems that years of the "party" crowd and fallen timbers has really made the place a mess. The newest headstone in the cemetery dates back to 1815. So, it really is an old cemetery compared to the rest of Ohio. The cemetery itself occupies about 1.5 acres. It isn't very big.... but I still think that the history is important... and it would be nice to keep the place clean.


Thanks for the cointest Greenman.... you Mystic you.


I was wondering (I know this isn't really the place... sorry Eartha).... has anybody had experience with this? Would the property owner be responsible for the land... or is it community land because it is a cemetery?

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Thanks for the cointest.

I do CITO with my geohubby when we geocache. There is a lot of places where when spring comes, all the dirty gifts from snowplaws left that needs to be picked-up and it's not the cache owner's fault. So we always bring bags and gloves and leave the cache area clean when we leave. :rolleyes:

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time for today's post! :rolleyes:


I am afraid I do not know exactly what the leave no trace is but I think it is.... not to leave trush when you are out, to respect nature, wild animals, not to polute the earth and the water ect... right?


When we are out for geocaching, as I said in my previous post, we usually eat out too! We never leave any trush there! when we leave you can not see clearly that someone was there are ate! We may only leave shoeprints on the ground when we were walking but nothing more!


If we stop to eat in a place... it means that we like the place alot, we find peace there... the view is fantastic etc! So actually... we will visit the place again! If this place gives us so many things and brings calm in our lives.. why to destroy it with trush??? We have to keep it cleaner than we found it!! Hey that doesn't mean that we polute places we do not like.. right? ;)


so.. we do not destroy the natures scene, and we do not hurt wild animals who live there! What I mean by that... hurting wild animals is not always what we thing it is! We can even hurt or kill them with the things we leave or throw without thinking! For example, some things we believe that animals will eat them.. may be toxic for them!!!


an other example is the plastic bags! when we are on the beach, we do not throw any plastic bags like that! Even if wind takes one and drops it in the sea, we take it out! these bags are very dangerous for sea animals or fishes!!! for example, a sea turtle things that the bag is a jellyfish that eats and she eats it!! the bag stays in her stomach and the poor turtle is in big trouble!!! she might die because of that!!


We also not poluting the water there! You can always put oils etc that are burned, (after they are cooled) in a plastic bottle and then we can throw it in the special place for burned oils! some drops of oil can destroy thousands of litres of drinkable water!!!


In other words... leave the areas as you found them or in even better condition, so you can enjoy it the next time you will visit it!!

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I have taught my 8, 6, and 6 year old kids that the whole concept of Geocaching (or 'treasure hunting') is to discover new and interesting places that they might never visit and to come off with a new respect of the world in which we live.


They would now rather spend an afternoon looking for treasures in the woods than to sit in front of the TV wasting electricity and time. My 8-year old now reads every book she can get her hands on regarding the planet and wants us to take trips to faraway countries just to go treasure hunting...

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Today I took a muggle friend out for a cache in a small old cemetery. It was a very nice little neglected place with trash all over. After we found the cache I went back to the car and grabbed a couple of bags. She asked me what I was doing, and why. I explained that it was CITO and why not, no one else does it? She immediately took a bag from me and we spent the next 40 minutes cleaning the place up. Problem is we hardly made a dent. I would love to go back out there, but alas it is a 2 hour drive for me. :laughing:

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I am excited to participate in this Cointest. I like the topic, and I hope my story will inspire others.


Today's topic is: C.I.T.O. Event (new Style)


I have been holding monthly events in my area for a group I am trying to get started called F.A.M.E. (Fremont Area Meet and Eat) This month's theme is "C.I.T.O." We will have a few activities during the event teaching people about the practice of C.I.T.O. One of the events is a C.I.T.O kit making table. I will bring supplies and instructions for everyone. All attendees that make at least 5 kits will get entered into a drawing for a Geocoin.

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Hmm... I didn't post today? :blink:


Ok... here you are:


the thing I will write is not what I often do just because it is not possible! You need approve... etc!


We were plnning to go out eat, have fun and do some geocaching on a Sunday! Some days before we heard that a TV channel, the prefecturer etc, were going to do reafforestation in an area that was burned by a huge hure the last year and they were calling everyone who wanted to help to come too! It was going to be inside an archeological area and in the land near to it! So.. we desided to help! We went with our car and we were very surprised to see that many hundrents of people had come to help too! :ph34r:


We went and plant some baby trees! :) It was such a nice feeling! the area from black started turning green again! Mother nature helped too and covered many areas with other plants but you could still see the burned trees, dead but still there standing and watching us!


I had done this again twice when I was in the army, and I have helped in puting down fires! I had seen terrible things in the fire, what is the reaction of the trees when they are burning....Yes! there is something different in them... like they are talking to each other with the wind... and how they are waiting for their death and when they burn you hear cracks and a strange sound like they are crying or yelling... it is not a good moment! :huh: So.. I know how good is to replant a tree and start the life again in the sufferend areas!


So... this is not what we usually do (I explained why), but we had done this while we were going for geocaching!

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Another thing that we have done is bought two plastic hard plastic bottles to drink from and several containers of Gatorade powder. This is both much cheaper and better for the environment. Now I can fill my bottle up with tap water and powder for about 35 cents a bottle, instead of $2.50 a bottle. In one month, there will be 58 less bottles in the trash. In one year, that would be 718 less bottles (I think using math in my head here) in the landfill. So, by just comitting to two drinking bottles we have really cut down on waste. Thanks, goose

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I want to tell you about a multi-cache and what I did to make a difference.


I was in a group of three cachers and we did a multi-cache in a forest. On our way to a station, there was an official sign with the following writing: "rest area for wild animals". We immediately decided that we would not pass that sign and that we would not disturb animals. So we took another much longer way to the next station. The straight way would have been through the rest area.


When we had reached the final and I was back home, I read the logs of some other people who had been there before. And I read logs like "it is not such a good idea by the cache owner that we had to pass the wild animal rest area for finding the station" etc. That means that they had seen the sign, for a short time thought "not so good" and then nevertheless passed it instead of searching for another way that requires more effort :blink:


Most people are lazy and if something means more effort they just don't do it :huh:

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I still have yet to have ftf however hosted my first what you'd call a CITO event. My family, friends and church youth group set out along the 5 mile stretch of Dickens Hill Rd here in Tennessee. We collected 33 bags of trash. We all had fun and everyone learned that littering can harm nature. Still have to learn how to use my Christmas present. (Bushnell GPS) So I hope my kids can figure it out. My youngest son and I go down to the creek bed to observe nature and always take a bag in case we find trash or recylclables laying around. I have just started collecting geocoins but would really like to have a FTF. Happy Caching!

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I am excited to participate in this Cointest. I like the topic, and I hope my story will inspire others.


Today's topic is: "Igor"


The oldest cache in my county is called Igor. I have been wanting to visit it for a long time. I have read most of the logs and one theme I kept hearing was the trash left from a party years ago. So my brother WSR and I finally planned a trip to the cache. I stocked up on C.I.T.O. kits and brought many of them with me. Once we got to GZ I realized that the easiest way to clean this area would be to work from the top of the hill down. I ended up making two trips down the hill and was able to get most of the trash out. Next time I am in the area I plan on bringing some sort of a long pole so that I can reach the trash that is still left over.

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I am the owner of a cache hidden under stones. Every spring my town plants flowers in the shape and colors of the city emblem at the entrance of the city. I hid a cache between the stones next to the flower emblem to show other cachers the nice flowers. But I was concerned that the cachers would search for the cache between the flowers and so I explained the excact hiding spot of the cache in the cache description. It is also possible to find the cache without coordinates. But for me it is more important to save the flowers than to have a difficult hiding-spot. I wrote that the cache is between the stones on the right side of the city emblem. So I can be sure that nobody searches between the flowers. And I was right: Nobody touches the flowers while searching and nothing is destroyed. :rolleyes:

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Wednesday was my first day at my new internship, and this, surprisingly, is my contribution. Up to now I have been working two jobs, one of which required me to drive 15 miles non-highway almost daily, usually for less than 3 hours worth of work. Thanks to getting the internship, I have been able to quit that job and now, instead of that daily 30 minute drive (that plus the other job used up a tank of gas weekly) I have a 10 minute drive on the highway, and should be using half (or less!) the gas. Also on wednesday we did find one cache, but there was nothing to CITO (we looked, though). Hope this rather odd contribution counts, even though it's not really caching related.


EDIT: to clarify, since the post doesn't make much since (lol) I wanted to post what I actually did ON earth day :rolleyes: not just in general.

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One thing I heard that I would like to share with everyone is a way to make a reusable, washable CITO bog. What you do it take an old T-shirt, cut off the sleaves (These become the handles) make the neck opening wider if you want, and then sew the bottom together. No you have a cloth bag, no more plastic. It's washable and reusable.

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Here is a picture of a group of us at a CITO event held April 11, by South Lion Trekkers. (GC255MN) This was a little different than most CITO's in that this is the only park and ride owned by MDOT, and this was the first time that volunteers had cleaned it up.



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We are new (bout 3 weeks in now) but we started doing a few things. We have taken on the CITO idea and my son (7 years old) took it upon himself to use 2 different bags one for anything recycle and one for garbage. He then comes home and sorts the recycle stuff into its appropriate bins. Then something I started doing after our first couple bins is that I loaded up on little things like stickers and hot wheels ... if we find bins low on swag I drop a bit extra in. I know my kids love to find little things even if it is just stickers. I always have extra note paper and pencils (be it golf ones that hubby and myself have ended up with over the years) in my bag to leave if a cache is needing, that way the owner has time to do maintenance rather than it needing done NOW. I just figure things like that are common courtesy and it makes the game more enjoyable for all.

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I try to explain in my listing, that the cachers don't need to destroy the area next to the cache, to find it.


But there are still some people, which tear apart the whole forrest, if i write as hint: "covered with moss".


Of coure i don't write "covered with moss", because i only have german hints, so i write: "unter Moos" :)

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There are some beautiful natural places out there I'd like to show other cachers. But at some places I would decide not to put a cache there, because special natural places can be destroyed by too many visitors. So nature is more important than having a good cache.


Thank you for the cointest!!! :)

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We are new (bout 3 weeks in now) but we started doing a few things. We have taken on the CITO idea and my son (7 years old) took it upon himself to use 2 different bags one for anything recycle and one for garbage. He then comes home and sorts the recycle stuff into its appropriate bins. Then something I started doing after our first couple bins is that I loaded up on little things like stickers and hot wheels ... if we find bins low on swag I drop a bit extra in. I know my kids love to find little things even if it is just stickers. I always have extra note paper and pencils (be it golf ones that hubby and myself have ended up with over the years) in my bag to leave if a cache is needing, that way the owner has time to do maintenance rather than it needing done NOW. I just figure things like that are common courtesy and it makes the game more enjoyable for all.


That is SOOOO Important - I always restock caches when I can - I just went to see my grandson last weekend and did a little urban caching... and I completely emptied out a wet and weary cache of its contents, and restocked it fully (You can see my log for "Two Hams" through my profile). I received a very appreciative email from the cache owners too! :rolleyes:



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:ph34r: Iti s nice to clean some caches from things that are not for beeing in there and by that way you also protect nature!!!


when I find strange things in the caches I am finding or going to check since I am maintaining almost all the caches in my area... officially or not, I am taking them out and put other things inside! I can put small toys for children, cards, phonecards and coins for collectors,etc... I even pus banknotes in some!

Anyway... when i find inside candle sticks, candies, fire lighters etc, I remove them!!! Lighters can explode with the heat and a fire can start and destroy a beautiful forest!!! Flameable things are not good too!

About candies... they melt with the heat and destroys the continents of the cache! Try to avoid them! except these...I also found in caches... condoms!! (am I allowed to talk about it??) who is puting these things inside??? Heat makes them unsafe... they are not for children.... well... :rolleyes:


See... even with small things you can actually save the area, the forest and wild life!!! :)

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Sweets and other things meant to be eaten are taken out of caches by me, too, and then thrown away in a litter bin. Sweets can be very bad after a long time in a cache for people when they eat them, they can dirty up the whole cache and moreover: Animals can smell the sweets and damage the cache, or worse: they could eat the sweets with the plastics!!! :rolleyes:

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I'd like to thank everyone for what they do to help where others are careless. These posts are proof that one person (you) CAN make a difference if they take the first step and set an example for others.


Mother~Nature randomly chose post #2 (SgtMikal) and #28 (GATOULIS) as the winners.


Please contact me through my profile with your address information and I'll send you your coin and tag.

Thanks for participating in the cointest and congratulations on winning!

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Congrats to the winners.


My goal is to teach our children the importance of a CITO.


I also try and teach them to practice this everytime out Geocaching.


Another great way to prevent nature from getting destroyed is to put larger caches in areas that have room for them so people are not destoring everything to find a micro in the woods or landscape.


Thanks MGM for the wonderful cointest :blink:

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I'd like to thank everyone for what they do to help where others are careless. These posts are proof that one person (you) CAN make a difference if they take the first step and set an example for others.


Mother~Nature randomly chose post #2 (SgtMikal) and #28 (GATOULIS) as the winners.


Please contact me through my profile with your address information and I'll send you your coin and tag.

Thanks for participating in the cointest and congratulations on winning!


Wow! Thank you so much! I am excited to receive my prize, as well as to continue spreading this message!


Congrats to my friend GATOULIS as well!!

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Hello to all! ;)


WOW!!! I am in the lucky winners??? Thank you so much!!!


Thank you my mystery friend!!!! WOW!! A coin and a tag?? amazing!!! and I will log the tag too :blink::D


Congrats to my friend SgtMikal too! :D


I wish and hope that more and more people will realize that we are part of nature too! If we protect nature, if we protect Earth we protect our lives and our children's lives... and our childrens children lives....too!


No matter how big or small is our help... it is a help!!! So... the next generations will live in a better place and not think bad about us! :)


I can't wait to see my prize too! :D And... I will keep teaching others or helping them understand and.. learn more and more everyday! you know... in some things, we may think that what we do is good but it is not! So.. "Γηράσκω αεί διδασκόμενος" as the ancient greek Philosopher Solon said! What this means?? :D I am getting older but I am still learning!! :D

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