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Hi there,


while I visited Oman, I had to write archiving notes to two caches which are now located on an off-limit construction site. While one owner responded immediately, the second seems to be some sort of an "vacation cache" where the owner has only this one entry...


GCHMFF Smugglers Watch




Could someone with the rights to do so disable the cache? Construction workers shouldn't have to deal with rouge cachers and trust me, the site itself is nothing you want to climb on anymore anyways. Afterwards, the area will be private property. The box is removed, the owner may contact me for details.


Thanx in advance.

/Carsti with that 29

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Normally I have seen that if you place a "Needs Archiving" log, rather than a "Did Not Find" or "Needs Maintenance" log - our US based reviewers are very quick to check it out and either archive or or post a note to the owner requesting action within a set period.


A number of UAE caches have been archived either immeadiately, or within about a month of no further activity.


Unfortunately (or fortunately - as we end with more caches) - it depends on your perspective - there are many caches that are either palced by visitors with good intentions - or palced by expats who live here for a while and then move on.


Such is life in the Arabian Peninsula

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I agree, it's very sad, that these two caches are gone now. But I think they choose the area for the new luxury homes for the same reasons the cachers used it: the beautiful view.


Since apparently no one will come and pick up the box, I will suggest to bury it into the ground-stone of the hotel... :rolleyes:



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