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Do you enjoy avoiding muggles when caching?


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do i enjoy dodging muggles? yes and no.

dodging muggles is part of the game. it adds to the challenge, in some cases it IS the challenge.

i've had to wait out muggles for hours. usually i go find other caches and make my way back.

twice i've had to take the cache home with me and return the next day to replace it.

as i'm doing it it sucks, but after the fact looking back it was fun.

if you wanna cache you have to deal with that fact that sometimes you are lucky sometimes you aren't

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I've met some fun muggles while I'm out and walking around. Met a great one last weekend. So I don't think muggles are inherently bad or need to be avoided.


On the same note. I didn't find much pleasure in dodging muggles' frisbees at the cache in the middle of a disc golf course this weekend.

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I've seen posts where it's mentioned that some people "enjoy the stealth aspect of geocaching". Is this really the true? Do geocachers actually think avoiding muggles is fun?


I would always rather be alone (or with friends/family) when finding a cache. I get no pleasure out of trying to act sneaky around strangers.


Well. I think it's what you make of it. The log I posted for this one was just a result of being in the right circumstances with another creative mind:


This one was one of those covert dead drops. -Avoid the delivery driver- watch out for nearby worker taking a break- avoid the eyes of the neighborhood kids-. Those were some of the many thoughts going through the heads of Catterfly and myself. Catterfly found the cache and we slunk back to the covertly placed cache-mobile to sign the log before she made a nonchalant approach to replace it. This one was all Catterfly as] fur qrpvcurerq gur pyhr va gur svefg cynpr. [TFTH! A thriller, I say!!!]


While I agree with the idea that acting too suspicious will arouse suspicion, I also believe that walking right up to the back of a grocery store like you belong there can get you a bomb scare in a heart beat. I suppose if you are observant enough to actively engage any muggle who sees you, you're good to go.


These observations come from a newsie in an uber-conservative city with a small-town attitude (the town, not me). I'm willing to buy what others with big city experience have to say there.

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i'm really annoyed with the "avoiding muggles" side of this activity.


rural farm road that has seen zero maintenance in years and no cachers in a month or more... i go to find the cache and there's 15 people that drive through.... all or most stop to see if i need help. one stops because his property is across the street and clearly, me in my golf shirt and slacks looks like one of them thar' poachers (or who knows what) and he wants to know what i'm doing snooping around. i don't know how many different people i have called on my garmin... :rolleyes:


the other option... go to the more urban cache, and someone thinks it is cute to stick a nano to a fast food drive thru menu board. 4:30 am is a great time to try that one... but since it keeps getting muggled, it is more of a game to figure out when it will be replaced and then rush to it.


i enjoy looking for the hiding spots.... not trying to avoid nosey busy-bodies.

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I enjoy geocaching. Avoiding muggles is a sub-category that I sometimes like, sometimes don't depending on my mood. Muggles can bring some boredom to the game. For example, if you're going to an urban cache on a bench, and there are muggles sitting there... As the cache info never actually said it was on a bench, I started searching the error radius. The muggles never suspected anything when some random teen is looking at this big touchscreen device with a touchscreen and looking at the parking meter from all angles...

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my favorite walking paths were mostly through private property.

TRESPASSER! I hope you don't do that to find a cache...


On an unrelated note, why is it when you come from one end of a park it's fine and encouraged but going in the other end is trespassing? I noticed this when there was a cache in a park near me called **** park. It is encouraged to go from the parking lot into the park. I decided to get out of the park on the closest exit... Guess what? That exit had private property signs facing the other direction. I'll never understand the reasoning behind it... You're allowed to come in one way but not another? Either way once I saw them I was already out the park and in the street... So I ignored it and went on my merry way.

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