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Who in the heck....????

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After reading some of the descriptions of the locations in my area I must say this: Take those descriptions and throw them out the window!! Geez, they got you going East when you should be going West. Decimal points where there shouldn't be any. (.3 mile instead of 3 miles) If you relied on just the descriptions, you would never find any!



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Since you are obviously a seasoned cacher and benchmarker I will not state the obvious..


However... remember...

These descriptions are written by humans, transcribed by humans and entered into the database (hopefully) by humans.


Give the world a break, heh?


OR - should you really wish to do the world a favor.... submit a change to the folks that ride herd on the database .. I think there is a link to them in this message board, somewhere...


.....And A Happy New Year To The .....

International Brotherhood of Brass Dot Finders



IBBDF Local 1763


>Personally Responsible for the Recovery of .00244% of the Benchmark Database!<--watch this number!

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I'll agree that I sometimes wonder how the description I am looking at could possibly be related to the scene before me. But on more than one occasion I've discovered that I leapt to an incorrect conclusion.


One has to allow for the changes of time, too. What was once a perfectly adequate description may be difficult to decode due to "modifications" in the environment.


Don't get even - get odd

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My wife and I started Geocaching back in the summer of '02. While she has continued to tow the proverbial line when it comes to caching (she's developed an eerie sixth sense that she uses out on the caching-trail), my interests have veered more toward benchmark hunting. The thing I enjoy most about it is that it requires a certain amount intuition & lateral thinking to be successful since (as you have discovered) the text descriptions are often outdated or somewhat less than pin-point accurate, & it's not as if your GPS will lead you right to what you seek. Most of the time, I don't even use my receiver except to get me to the general area. It's the act of finding a marker IN SPITE of all this that I have fun with. But then again, this very morning I was out in the Cajon Pass with a list of five markers that I planned to find & log... struck out on ever darned one!!! That's OK too... it's the act of persuing them that I enjoy (but I DO like to find 'em when I can)


Brian (1/2 of OHD)

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