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The Carpe Diem Mystery Coin


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Well this has been a week of suprises! On Tuesday night my lovely wife decided to get me a mini Australian shepherd puppy to cheer me up after the loss of my Aussie. Today I went to the mailbox and found a gorgeous gold envelope! Could it be? YES!!! It was my first ever mystery coin! CARPE DIEM!! Thank you most generous mystery coin giver! Tempus Fragilis. You helped make this a great week!

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I just posted in the mailbox thread but wanted to post here too. I think that TempusFragilis is a wonderful guy/gal!


Mom received a golden envelope from her to her but when she opened it the little envelope inside said to me. It contained the gorgeous, gorgeous Carpe Diem coin!! :wub: :wub: She told me though that she thought this coin was meant to be used for the vet bills that my little "indiscretion" of last week caused. That indiscretion caused mom to really realize that she could have lost all 3 of us because of my silly antics. :( I decided to post here and tell the world (well at least the forum coiners here) how thankful we are for your generosity. It really means a lot to the both of us. Mom hasn't yet told me if she will trade it for other coins to sell or put it on ebay directly. Either way she will do it after she returns from the Bash.


Thank you from all of my puppy heart and I send you puppy dogs kisses across the miles wherever you are. Mom thanks you too and says that she now owes you a couple of hugs. She will raise a glass for a toast in your honor at Area 51 at the Bash. :P I hope that you will feel the thankfulness that she feels....


Layla the Goofy Geodog :wacko: (who just loves getting into things and making life interesting for mom)

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I found this a couple weeks ago, but was internetless and unable to explode about it on here, so I will now.... :D


WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Who would have ever thought!??!?! This was tucked away in a small, rarely used pocket in my geobag (which was taken to Geowoodstock). Yes I know that was a bit ago, but like i said, rarely used... Or maybe I just rarely clean things out :lol:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :D

I love staring at this coin!!!! Haha! So awesome!!!! Such a WONDERFUL surprise and memory for a WONDERFUL event!!! :)



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Thank you, so much to whoever sent me this. I can't tell you how much it means.


I don't know who gave this, but bless you, whoever you are. It is such a very kind thing to do and means so much to so many people.


I'm going to stop there before I get start getting too soppy!





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So I received a Geocoin in the mail yesterday and I have no idea who it is from! It is a large and heavy golden coin with black translucent enameling measuring 1.75" in diameter and 3mm thick. It is a non-trackable, numbered version of it, but I can't figure out what coin it is.


The front has a golden skeleton reaching up for an hourglass with a background of a bunch of hourglasses as recessed metal. The back has the words: "Fragillis Est Vita, Caducum Est Tempus, Carpe Diem !!" with a skeleton hand in recessed metal reaching up from the bottom holding an hourglass and the number 119 etched into a gold part in the very bottom.


All the came with the coin were two laminated pieces of paper. One said: "Fragillis Est Vita, Caducum Est Tempus, Carpe Diem !!" and the translation for that "Life Is Fragile, Time Is Fleeting, Seize the Day!" The second note said: "If you know who it this coin comes from, please do not spoil the mystery for others. Carpe Diem, Tempus Fragillis."


~Does anyone know anything about this coin, where it comes from, or anything?? I've added pictures below of the coin, the notes, and the mailing envelope. All the envelope gives away is that it is from the Netherlands.


Thank You in advance!! :)













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Congratulations. You received a Carpe Diem Mystery Coin!


Carpe Diem Thread


Wow I didn't know there was such a thing that Geocachers did that!! Are there any other known mystery coins out there?? I'm curious to learn more about this now!! :D

Someone else asked that same question, you can read more about them HERE


Hey thanks for the info!! :D I'm actually thinking of waiting a while until I find a Geocacher I think is worthy enough that will appreciate it and pay-it-forward by surprising them with a mystery coin of their own!! ;) No idea who it will be yet, but this random act of kindness has definitely inspired me and I hope to bring it to some other Geocacher someday too! :D

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Congratulations with the coin. Just remember, collecting coins (and helping others with it) is not about the money...... You know what I mean!


Very well said, Jack!


Yes Jack, I definitely agree with you... and I know what you are really meaning/talking about..... dry.gif


If you would like to continue where we left off then that is fine... Just not here on a public forum in a manner such as this.

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