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The Carpe Diem Mystery Coin


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I saw a gold mailer in my mailbox today and was pretty sure I knew what I would find :blink: The pictures are cool but "skeledude" (which I have secretly nicknamed him :)) is one of the neatest coins I've ever seen. I LOVE mine, thanks so much to the secret sender, I'll treasure it like I do the rest of my mystery coins B)



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I saw a gold mailer in my mailbox today and was pretty sure I knew what I would find :blink: The pictures are cool but "skeledude" (which I have secretly nicknamed him :)) is one of the neatest coins I've ever seen. I LOVE mine, thanks so much to the secret sender, I'll treasure it like I do the rest of my mystery coins B)




Well that's a cool name. CONGRATULATIONS everyone.

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YEEEEEEEEEOW Holy Smokus!!!!!! I had only heard talk of the mysterious Gold Mailer goin around after Dorkfish got word from here Mamma...but it was untill I approached the PO box after a lengthy 4 days of unchecked mail when BAM...GOLD MAILER sittin in there just waiting for me!


I snatched that thing outa there and decided I would not open it before I got back to my truck, I would not rabidly open that pretty gold mailer with my teeth before the next step was taken. Instead I showed it to my sweet EmmaGem and I think she got more from the gold mailer than even I did with the coin, BUT SHE WANTED IN! :laughing: she ripped every stamp and label off before we made it to the park where I told her we'll have to wait for Dorkfish, so she can see just as if it was her own she opened :laughing: and we did :P


What wasnt to be expected was the fact that this beautiful coin not only sent to me, but marked for life with the number 007!!!! YEAH BABY!.......


Carpe Diem! Loved it..........One REALLY cool Mystery coin! Thank you so much....I actually took some pics, but im logging this from The Dorkfishes computer so ill do my best to get em up, but you know me... Maybe next week, right :):P


Its an awesome looking coin, the cherry on top getting 007.. Thats dadgum cool.

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i just wanna say that this coin is standing on my special coin place and i look at it each day and each time i think at you all and there come`zzzzzz a big :) on my face.........

and this coin and his/her maker is so RIGHT.............



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I saw a gold mailer in my mailbox today and was pretty sure I knew what I would find :huh: The pictures are cool but "skeledude" (which I have secretly nicknamed him :grin:) is one of the neatest coins I've ever seen. I LOVE mine, thanks so much to the secret sender, I'll treasure it like I do the rest of my mystery coins :huh:




Skeledude..???? Love it ,,,,, Congrats TSUN! :(

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OH WOW!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! We've been down and out for awhile now. were trying really hard to get our finaces in order and pay our never ending med bills and so i haven't been able to aquire ANY new coins for a long time ,except a very few i was able to trade for. on Thursday i grabbed my usual boring mail , and wrapped inside the boring mail and bills was a GOLD MAILER!! I took it out with a quickness thinking my mom had sent Zariah something,, but it was labeled to me from me. , and the fact i havent been able to spend tons of time here on the forums, i hadent ever herd of the gold mailer.... so i opened it and turned it upside down,, nothing came out.. so now im thinking someone was playing a joke on me... but then i reached in and there was a small thing taped inside.. i dident know what it was due to not haven any coin mail for quite awhile..


it was this cool mystery coin!!! i was overwhelmed with joy,, how thoughtfull i thought to my self... im number 010 ,, how cool to have such a low numbered coin too!! i really like it, its very fitting for our time in our life!!!


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Talk about timing...congratulations, Jay, on being the most recent recipient of this new mystery coin! I have been wondering how you and your family are doing. Not that a coin can make everything go away (if only, right?!), but I bet this brought a much-needed smile and laugh to everyone.


it did bring a big smile that was well needed.. were doing ok.. not horribal but not great eather..

weve definatly had our share of trial.and tests this last whie..but just thinking positive, focusing,and working hard, Cass now has 3 jobs, 2 part timers and her hair cutting biz, some days she works 18 hr days. but the important thing is we still have a roof over our head and food on the table and gas in the car, so i have to be thankful,,, we would be alot worse off , but friends have helped us out in huge!! and im very thankfull i joined these forums as i wouldent have knowen such great ppl if i hadent!

so all in all were blessed! ;)

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Like Jay I've not been in the best of places for a while, what a waste with summer coming, so it was a wonderful surprise to get the golden envelope addressed to me and apparently sent by me. Xmas come early!! When the card and "skeledude" dropped out I was tickled pink. Being singled out like this at a time like this was generously uplifting. Thank you, thank you Carpe Diem Mystery Giver.



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Congrats to all who have received one of these awesome new mystery coins. Never have I received a coin without trading or buying. My financial situation is not the best and my family and I may face being evicted. Our rent is high and we live paycheck to paycheck. I would love a pick me up like that some day. It may give me some hope.

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Droo, this is SUCH a neat picture I had to "borrow" it, too.



Wow, the translucents are terrific with the background of this geocoin...like the skeledude* is wafting out of the darkness of eternity.


Soooooo cool.


Thank you, thank you, whoever you are, Mystery Giver. I am humbled and gobsnobbered and ... thankful!


Number 049 will take an honored place in my collection.





* ;) Thanks, tsun for the MOST appropriate name for this fella!! :D

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I am very honored to be the reciepient of the # 012 CARPE DIEM Mystery Geocoin.

Thank You So Very Much, Mystery Sender. You ARE one the the Best.

It will stay with me and join the ranks as my 4th Mystery Geocoin.



" vos es a sator of tripudium in pectus pectoris of plures "






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Wooohooooo what a day!!

Coming home from work I spy a gold mailer waiting on the table for me and right next to it an additional tax refund check. I shoved the check out of the way, grab the mailer and opened it!!

it had the skeledude on one side and carpal diego with his hourglass on the other :D;) I am the proud recipient of #047 Thank you mystery coiner!!

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:) TMA, sorry but that's funny. <_<


In other news....

Today's mail to me included a GOLDEN MAILER!!!! I showed it off to Gillianms and said "I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!"


She was confused, but we both oohed and ahhhhed over the coin when we took it out!


Great job, mystery person, it's an awesome looking coin. :unsure: And a sentiment I truly appreciate!


This is the first mystery coin I've received in the mail, and I am thrilled. :blink:


For those keeping track: I received #54. :D

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Wow! After my congrats to ATMouse, there was a veritable "fall out" of bones and diem! So I need to chime in again and offer congrats to catsnfish for receiving both currency and non-currency, Opalsns, who could probably have used something shiny these days, and first-time mystery coin recipient, anne.and.eli!


These are just too fun...

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My wife's first words to me when I got home today was "You got something neat in the mail today" at first I thought she was refering to our latest anticipated shipment from CRAKE. Then I saw the gold mailer and when she asked why my name was on the return address, I KNEW! A Mystery coin! And a real beauty at that! Thank you mystery giver so much for our beautiful #061 Carpe Diem! It is a priceless addition to our geocoin collection! It's definately one of our favorites for sure...thank you very much!

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:):laughing::laughing: So there I was all hot and sweaty after a long day at work.... just minding my own business and only looking forward to a cold beer and the swimming pool... I got home checked the mail expecting nothing but bills and a few pathtag trades when this beautiful gold envelope catches my eye...


I see it's from me, to me... hhhmmmm... can it be... yes it is! :laughing::rolleyes:;)


Woo-Hoo! Thank you very much! I feel priviledged and honored to add this mystery coin to my collection!


May the smiles and coins you are giving away come back to you ten fold! :):D:D

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well, looked like it was gonna be another hot day here, so we got the chickens taken care of early & settled in for a boring day..... :) Mrs. Frog says "go get the mail"...well I took a nap 1st...when I opened the box, there it was!!!!!!! wooooooooo hooooooo...the golden mailer...Thanks to the mystery coiner for making our day brighter...this coin will go in our collection in a few days... :laughing::laughing::laughing: gotta sit here where we can admire it...Thanks again for #041...


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I have to say I never expected this. I was having a bad week, decided that the mailbox needed checking after 5 days. Opened and saw "the" gold envelope. My jaw dropped. I did a double take. "Nah, can't be." I thought. Pulled it out. Sent to me from me, ok maybe. Opened and out drops this beautiful coin. I was stunned. I don't know how these mystery coiners do it, but they always know just the RIGHT time to send them.


Thank you so much to the Mystery Giver. May you get as much happiness as you mail out. :)

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Are mystery coins only given to premium members or are they for all members?


Technically I am not a premium member and I got one. If you are interested in maybe getting one, the best way is to sign up for the geocacher mailing lists.


The list is here, but email Maine Family to be added.


edited: thought there were two, there is only one. Silly me.

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