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How many Large Bronze Plate (benchmarks) have been found?


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I have never seen these.


Has this bridge been in place since 1882? Or could the date not reflect the actual year of construction? I notice the data-sheet does no say when it was monumented.


It could have been cast just for this bridge. I know the USC&GS did surveys in support of the Straits of Mackinaw bridge that connects the lower and upper Peninsula's of Michigan. I saw some old films and photos of the survey crews doing the work. btw-I amazes me that the USLS/NOS in 1975 was able to level across the straits at water level. There a BM's in the footings, hundreds of feet below the road level.



Survey Tech (Retired)

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Thank you Survey Tech. It would be *cool* if these plates are unique to the Eads bridge.

The Eads bridge was dedicated July 4, 1874. Therefore it was in place before 1882 and is still the original bridge. It now carries a 2 way light rail line on the lower deck and the top deck was recently re-done for 2 lanes of automobile traffic with a ped/bike path on the South edge. (The upper deck was re-opened on July 4, 2003.)


Everybody loves benchmarks more! icon_smile.gif

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Congratulations Happycycler!!!

How WAY COOOL!! 1882 & a 'BenchPlate' unique as all get out! & not just one but 2....WOW!


We also noticed looking at the great picture you took that they actually chiseled or cut an inlay space for the plate. Man, what workmanship back in those days...truely amazing!


We wouldn't mind finding something like this ourselves icon_biggrin.gif


~Shirley & John~



It's hard to remember that your primary objective is to drain the swamp, when you're up to your a$$ in alligators.

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Happy I have found several plates on diffrent stuctures other than the East Eads mark I have not found them to be benchmarks.

The Old Trails Bridge in Wheeling Virgina has a similar plate,The Mile Marker 0 at Little Rock Arkansas has a brass plate,Mile Marker 0 in Washington D.C. has a brass plate,the Washington Monument has a huge brass plate,just to name a few,I still do not know how to post pictures here yet,but alot of the above mentioned are Benchmarks.Some have the photos of them some do not.












Arkansas Missouri Geocachers Association


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