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Dakota 20 vs Oregon 450t

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Hi, looking to buy one soon, Got a Garmin Etrex 12 channel, which is fine, but I neeeed some tech :)


Like the look of the full pages of info (GPX files) but from the info I can find, can only the Oregon 450 take this out of the 2 choices?


TBH, the Dakota would do me just fine, but, I do want the full GPX pages, decripted hints, latest logs? Can the Dakota get me the full info?


Thanks - Geoff.

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You can compare them on the Garmin website here




The most obvious bit is the size of the screen. The Dakota is much smaller.


As for buying the 450t, you probably think that caching with the Topo maps will be much easier.


Unfortunately, it's not. As helpful as the Topo maps are for navigating, they don't have many footpaths on them. The Talky Toaster maps (which are free) have far more in the way of paths and almost as accurate for roads although without the POIs (Points of Interest)


Picking what is normally the cheapest site, the Dakota is over £100 cheaper at £192.82 than the 450t at £298.33.


Oddly, they have the slightly inferior Oregon 200 relatively cheap (£182.01 overhauled). When I say inferior, it has very little internal memory, but it just means you need to keep the maps on a card rather than internal memory.


The Oregon 300 is usually £209.41 or £280.88 with Discoverer maps which is well worth the extra (Discoverer are in effect, OS maps)

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Cool, thanks for the replys :)


My worry was, that when you "tick" the box on the garmin website for paperless cashe, it only brings up the Oregon series.


If the Dakota 20 does the same, screens as this: I will buy one. :D



Well, this will definitely be my third year of paperless caching with a Colorado!

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Both provide the same geocaching paperless information. The main difference is the Dakota is smaller in size (screen size) and is a slightly lower resolution. Both have the new 3 axis compass (you can hold the unit at any angle and the compass still works - other units require you to hold the thing level for the compass to work properly).

I wouldn't pay the extra money on the 450t for the Euro topo maps as the free OpenStreetMaps do much the same job! If though you want the OS GB maps - which are much more detailed than the free ones then get the 450 and buy the OS maps.


Chris (MrB)

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I will look at the Oregon 450 then, and add the mapping to it :)


Seem to be around the 260 mark on-line so not "that much" more than the Dakota 20, although if I do go for an OS bundle with it, where is the best place to look for the best deal? Or will the best deal be on a 450, plus discover maps?


Thanks :D

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Oregon 450 £260.73

OS GB Discoverer (Southern/Northern/Scotland) £104 each.

There is a new full UK version but I can't find a price anywhere yet.

The OS GB maps are fully routable and has a points of interest database and can be searched. Also comes with a road atlas scale map too.

Look carefully at any advertised 'bundles'. The only one I've seen was for the OS GB National Parks (not full coverage).

I got mine from handtec.


Chris (MrB)

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Stu! Hazel! I feel much better now. I thought I was the only cacher in Britain with a Colorado, judging from forum chatter. The Garmin site isn't even promoting them all that hard any more.


Love mine, if it is a bit of a flaky beast.


Colorado's ROCK! .. :D I love mine .....sooooo much! :P

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