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Do you cache alone or with others?

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Only 35 finds so far but they have all been with my dear friend Marmelade and her brother WesMan who has an intellectual disability. I dare say that his enthusiasm for Geocaching exceeds my own; it's something that he looks forward to all week. I've thought about going out alone for a day trip, but I dunno... he brings along an extra piece of keenness / joy that I can't quite explain.


I know the time will come when terrain will become a factor impossible to ignore for him. I'm not really looking forward to it.

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I do both, probably more alone although I like having a buddy or 10 :D

Sometimes though, schedules don't coincide or I am traveling or my pals are going and I have other plans.

Now, they've all hit this area already. I'm not going to just not cache there because I can't find anybody that hasn't done the caches yet. Sometimes a nice solo walk in the woods is very mind clearing.

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i cache solo 99% of the time. i cache in groups only at events.

sometimes i bring my kids (ages 3 and 5)

it is easier to cache with my kids because a guy walking around in circles looks suspicious, a guy walking in circles with kids looks normal.


if i'm caching and muggles come i pretend my GPS is a phone and i don't feel so suspicious

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I generally cache alone. I don't have anyone to cache with! My family and friends aren't into it, so it's just little ole me... If I knew people who geocached in my area maybe I could cache with them, but as it is I am a loner. ;)


I don't feel awkward walking around by myself, I just mind my own business and assume people will mind theirs. If someone asks what I'm doing, I tell them. It's not so bad.


Cue Bobby Vinton: I'm M. Lonely...

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I always cache by myself. I would like to cache with someone else but my family does not enjoy geocaching.


I usually cache alone because my wife has zero interest in it.


In this, I consider myself lucky, as my wife likes caching as much as I do. And our 5YO son enjoys it as well. I started out caching a couple of months ago with the intent of doing it by myself, but I quickly realized it was going to be much more fun with the family along. I ended up asking for a username change from canid65 to Canids to reflect that we cache as a pack.

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I do 95% of my caching alone when back in MO becuase I do not know any cachers there and I'm in a really small town so it's not like I have to worry about muggings or shootings. When I come back home to VA though I like to go out with my brother or father. It all depends on how I feel that day honestly, and what kind of caches I'm looking for. If it's just a quick one or two then I'll go by myself but if I was to do many I'll ask someon to come alone to keep me company and help me look so I don't get depressed over not finding one, after all two sets of eyes are better than one!

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I don't mind caching on my own, sometimes I'll bring my 11 year old with me. Although I went to do a few caches after work tonight around 10pm. I got weirded out as I heard a bunch of guys drinking and throwing stuff into the river I was nearby... so I hightailed it outta there.


No cache is worth the sense of fear of what a single female in the woods and a bunch of drunks dredges up for me.

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