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How much information should I include in my official recovery report?

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Today I made a full recovery of station JV3401, and all it's associated marks (JV3400, JV3402, and JV3295). However, the "to reach" descriptions are in sore need of updating. I plan to file a seperate update for each, since the each have their own PID, but my question is mostly about the report for the main station.


Since these datasheets also typically include basic information for finding the AZ mark, should I include the updated "to reach" for it in the report for the station or simply note the new information for the station itsef, and state that all marks were recovered in good condition, hoping whoever may go to use this information will look up the datasheets for the AZ mark as well and make note of those changes, not just those for the station itself?



N 39 54.705'

W 77 33.137'

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I try to keep a new “to reach” as clear as possible. Note new mileages from intersections, distances from improvements (buildings, fences, etc). I omit calls to features far away, such as a Railroad Depot. All that previous information is available on the data sheet. Additionally, I think most people will plot the position on a quad map available online in order to get them in the ballpark.


I would note in the “to reach” for the station mark that there is a new “to reach” for each of the related marks. This should direct people to then download those data sheets.

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