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Too far north to get a WAAS lock?

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is it possible that I am too far north (in hilly country) to get a WAAS lock?

I am on the east cost of Canada at N44° 46.645. I understand that the WAAS sats are along the equator. Where there are a lot of hills around here is it reasonable to expect to never get a WAAS lock? Has anyone (on here) ever got a WAAS lock around Nova Scotia?

I have a Garmin Venture HC. The accuracy is consistent at about 5m (according to the GPSr :laughing: ) I am very pleased with the consistency but hey if I can get better accuracy for placing caches why not?

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is it possible that I am too far north (in hilly country) to get a WAAS lock?

Your latitude will not be a problem but the hilly country might be if it blocks the southern sky. The 'view' of WAAS sats for Halifax Nova Scotia (N44.6818 W63.6094) is:


WAAS 48 PRN 135 Elevation: 5.9° Azimuth: 255.2°

WAAS 51 PRN 138 Elevation: 23.0° Azimuth: 233.6°


Note that WAAS 48 PRN 135 will be taken out of service shortly as discussed here. but the other geo is much higher in the sky for your area.

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