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Geocaching navigator application to an other mobile phone

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Please help. I have downloaded navigator application to my N95 but now I would like to start hunting with my N97 Mini. I don´t want to just buy by 30 EUR that from Ovi.Store but any ideas how to download this similiar navigation application to my new devise. I am out of the map and confusing , already bough my premium memebership and before I had visibility to other hunters and caches but please help how to get this application to my devise.


Thanks. :laughing:

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I was able to find this application via paypal but system says:


Your device has not been tested with this Version of Geocache Navigator. Please let us know how well it works on the Forums at trimbleoutdoors.com and we can let other users know!

Thank you for your purchase!


To download and install the upgraded version of Geocache Navigator, click here.


If you have any questions, please email support@trimbleoutdoors.com.


is this so that my N97 is not supported, right? Any estimations when this will work on this type of device?

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Geocache Navigator, is it free software? or how much it costs? having N73 with Navicore SW but it is not best possible outside roads.



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