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Is there a way to unactivate a coin? or not


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OK I did something a little stupid...


I have two coins that are the same. Activated one awhile back and have the other one for an entry fee to a geo event. But today activated a few coins and activated this coin along with the others. So my question is "Is there a way to unactivate a coin?" or will I just have the cacher who wins coin adopt it from me. If the later is the case, can the change ownership. Any help.....

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i believe that if you activated a geocoin "accidentally on purpose", and you explain the situation to Groundspeak representatives, they can retore the tracking number to the "unactivated" status. i have actually witnessed this done once before. so give it a try, its worth a shot. if all else fails, yes, the new owner can 'adopt" the geocoin from you and they would then become full owners. good luck!

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