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2 Bench marks recoversd @ Lohmer Tower

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I am still new at this so bear with me. Lohmer Tower Fire Look out Tower 1942 Army Corp Engineers Little Rock, near Cassville Mo.When I get a camera that I can use on the computer I will submit the pictures. I have an idea the President Bush's newly formed freedom corps see at www.usafreedomcorps.gov the volunteerism, work(play) and or adventures could be put to a good cause helping in the Homeland Defense, the accuracy of the GPS system could be employed for a Public good instead of being banned from the Public Lands!

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BM,Cassville , 6.6 mi. SE. of along Hwy. 86, near center of section 12, TWP.22 N., R. (26) W., 40 ft. W. of HWY. and 16 ft. N.of road SW., 10 ft. SW. of fence corner standard tablet attached to copper coated steel rod, 3.5 ft. lower than the road SW and Stamped "5HBS 1973" 1491.793' 36 37.82 93 48.15 Lohmer Tower reading is 36 40.03 93 42.47 Bench marks are directly beneath and one at the SW corner of the tower. "Stamped Lohmer 1942"Standard tablet. The bench mark list that I have I got from the BLM Third-order levels National Geodetic Vertical Datum 1929, Final adjustment of 1974, Barry County, edition of: 6-10-74 PR: ADP/cb "United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey" 36-093-43, Cassville Quadrangle 28- Missouri N3630-W9345/15, diagram NJ 15-11 Harrison N.G,S. (USC&GS) Vertical Control Data A. Quadrangle No. 360934

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