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Meridian platinum

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Strong, fresh batteries, and good clean connections, and not even a blip? Not good. Hope that it didn't sit in a damp basement for years, or had a set of alkies leak, while in the unit. Something inside broken, due to a bump? Frozen, or overheated? Or?

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If I remember right (and I may well remember wrong), didn't the cable allow it to run on external power? If so, that might be worth a try. The secret menu mentioned in the FAQs at the top of this forum might just possibly get a response if the regular power on sequence doesn't kick in.


If you can't get it to power on, I don't think there's much hope.

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I checked mine for reference. The power button is held down until it beeps. Sometimes mine would flicker in the display but there was no beep heard. Press and hold again and it would power up. Also, I think there was a loose batt compartment spring issue with these units. Make sure the springs are well seated. I'm trying to remember back, some users took their's apart and soldered the springs to the contacts. I might be wrong but I thought the springs just touched the contacts.


As the other poster said, hook it up to external power power. If that works, you got it narrowed down.


good luck with it. It's still a great unit for geocaching.

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