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3,000 benchmarks!

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Not responding officially here, but it seems benchmarks can be recovered/logged by as many people as care to do it. I don't view this is a competitive activity, and I often add additional locational information that may help the next person find the benchmark, e.g. distance to a nearby intersection, street address, etc.

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Anyone can log ones that have been logged already. It was just an interesting note to see that 3,000 of them have been found already.


There is a certain satisfaction to be the first to find a benchmark and log it, so right now it

s pretty much a "gold rush" since just about every benchmark out there has gone unclaimed, at least on the web site.


Jeremy Irish

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Logging benchmarks here is, essentially, for fun. Just like hunting caches.


If you happen to "recover" a benchmark whose Data Sheet reports hasn't been noted as recovered for a period of at least one year, you can submit your recovery to Deb Brown at NOAA.


Keep in mind, we don't want to inundate poor Deb Brown with a flood of recovery submissions. Based on conversations we've had in years past, she indicated that they appreciate civilian recovery submissions as they don't have the funding to do so themselves. Still, one can't help but think that the advent of benchmark hunting here at geocaching.com and the likely subsequent flood of recovery submissions may catch Ms. Brown offguard.



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I agree with your comments, but I would add that most surveyors feel there is no need to submit a recovery note, regardless of the time elapsed, unless some important aspect of the description has been changed or it contains a significant error. Generally, the main reason for submitting one is to provide a better description of how to reach the station, when the old one is no longer adequate. As long as the existing description is sufficient, there is no reason, as you say, to flood the NGS with duplicate information. I might make an exception to this rule for markers not shown as recovered for 50 years or more, but in most cases, ones that old will need a revised description anyway.

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Originally posted by Timber Forester:

Do the benchmarks become unavailable as they are found? and each one is to be found once?


Any number of people can log finds here on geocaching.com.


However, an official NGS recovery form should only be filled out if it has been a few years since last recovered. So if you want to ve memorialized in the NGS database search for the 'marks not found in a while. icon_smile.gif


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Originally posted by ArtMan:

I know, I gotta get a life. Any day, now, any day....


Tell me about it. Still, between us, we only have a bit over 100 benchmarks. Without lots and lots of other people going out, finding them and then taking the time to log them, we wouldn't be anywhere near 1,000 let alone 5,000. So everyone, keep on looking and keep on logging!!!

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