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it was there but isnt now

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i have walked by a benchmark in a bridge in north central pa many times while fishing in the area where i grew up went to find it to record it and the pensylvania dept of transportation put in a new bridge and never replaced the benchmark it was at the intersection of rt 49 and 449 in gold pensylvania where did it go or what did they do with it????????????

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Its probably a paper weight on some engineer's desk. Seriously, thats how a lot of them end up. They have no monetary value, but great sentimental value to those who have often used them over the years. Just because you do not see a new marker of the same type in the same location on the new bridge does not mean they did not set a new one. They probably did, in a different spot on or near the bridge, but it may be an entirely different looking marker. You may or may not be able to get such information from your state highway dept., depending on their regulations, and, frankly, upon what sort of mood the person you talk to about it happens to be in.

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