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Long Island NY caches

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I think we'd be looking for caches in 1.5-2.5 range for both difficulty/terrain. We do plan to introduce a younger member of the family to the sport, so we're not looking for anything really hard. Small to regular sized caches would probably be ideal. As for time, we'll be out that way for 3-4 days.

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I have found a lot of great caches in the Riverhead area, and yes some were by Blackbuck :) (GCV5YW I like Stargazer) And the PR series, nice loop start here PT 1 The Diner GC21M5R decent terrain rating 1.5-2.5 easy caches

And you will find awesome caches way out east by Montauk, Project Lookout GC8B84

has a gorgeous view and go in the State Park at the lighthouse, plenty of nice ones that aren't very strenuous and view to die for. And you'll see some seals if you are lucky

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Thank you all for the recommendations. We're really looking forward to our time on the Island!


Prosser Pines County Park is just one of the great places to go caching out here, but I highly recommend it if you're bringing the kids. Great place for a picnic lunch, too! Start with this cache and work your way around the park. You'll love it!

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